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Akai S5000 Patchman MusicAkai S5000 / S6000 & Compatibles

The Studio Series MegaPiano CD ROM for Akai S5000 and S6000 samplers provides the Ultimate sampled Steinway Grand Piano for your Akai sampler.

MP3 Demo Online! (See Below)

The all-new PATCHMAN MUSIC Studio Series MegaPiano CD ROM for Akai S5000 and S6000 samplers contains the ultimate, NON-LOOPED Steinway® Grand Piano banks for Akai S5000 and S6000 sampler users. The Studio Series MegaPiano CD ROM was designed to help you create professional sounding piano performances and recordings. This studio-miked Steinway® acoustic grand piano was carefully sampled and programmed to be as playable and realistic as possible.

Unlike most other piano sample disks, the PATCHMAN MUSIC Studio Series MegaPiano for Akai S5000/6000 includes RELEASE samples for maximum realism. This CD also includes full, loop-free multisample banks of the piano prepared in various ways including the piano muted with the finger, a plucked version, a very bright tack piano-like bank called Pencil, as well as bonus wipe effects where the strings were strummed with the fingers for a non-pitched effect. A variation called Bright is a responsive, dynamic mixture of the MegaPiano velocity layered with the Pencil bank. Bright is great for rock and heavier playing. For maximum flexibility, we have included both 44.1k and 22.05k versions of most of the banks. 48 banks are included on this CD ROM.

Studio Series MegaPiano for S5000/6000 Contents:Akai S6000 Patchman Music

_MegaPiano 1-22k016m.AKM
_MegaPiano 1-22k022m.AKM
_MegaPiano 1-22k041m.AKM
_MegaPiano 1-44k043m.AKM
_MegaPiano 1-44k097m.AKM
_MegaPiano 1R22k018m.AKM
_MegaPiano 1R22k024m.AKM
_MegaPiano 1R22k043m.AKM
_MegaPiano 1R44k047m.AKM
_MegaPiano 1R44k103m.AKM
_MegaPiano 2-22k030m.AKM
_MegaPiano 2-22k042m.AKM
_MegaPiano 2-22k081m.AKM
_MegaPiano 2-44k060m.AKM
_MegaPiano 2-44k084m.AKM
_MegaPiano 2-44k164m.AKM
_MegaPiano 2R22k032m.AKM
_MegaPiano 2R22k044m.AKM
_MegaPiano 2R22k083m.AKM
_MegaPiano 2R44k064m.AKM
_MegaPiano 2R44k088m.AKM
_MegaPiano 2R44k168m.AKM
_MegaPiano 3-22k042m.AKM
_MegaPiano 3-22k059m.AKM
_MegaPiano 3-22k117m.AKM
_MegaPiano 3-44k084m.AKM
_MegaPiano 3-44k118m.AKM
_MegaPiano 3-44k234m.AKM
_MegaPiano 3R22k045m.AKM
_MegaPiano 3R22k062m.AKM
_MegaPiano 3R22k120m.AKM
_MegaPiano 3R44k090m.AKM
_MegaPiano 3R44k124m.AKM
_MP Bright 1-mix074k.AKM
_MP Bright 2-mix142k.AKM
_MP Bright 3-mix175k.AKM
_Muted     1-22k014m.AKM
_Muted     1-44k027m.AKM
_Muted     1R44k033m.AKM
_Pencil    1-22k030m.AKM
_Pencil    1-44k059m.AKM
_Pencil    1R44k065m.AKM
_Plucked   1-22k031m.AKM
_Plucked   1-44k062m.AKM
_Plucked   1R44k068m.AKM
_Wipes C&G 1-22k007m.AKM
_Wipes C&G 1-44k013m.AKM
Key to above list:
The first part of the name: Name of Multi
The second part is the:	Number of Layers in Multi (1,2,3)
The third part: "R"= With Release Samples, "-" =No Release Samples
The fourth part: Sample Rate (44.1k, 22.05k, or Mixed)
The fifth part: Size of the bank in megs

Technical Specs

The Studio Series MegaPiano is comprised of true stereo samples of a close-miked vintage Steinway® grand piano. There are NO LOOPS on this disc. These samples fade to silence smoothly and naturally. The longest samples are up to 18 seconds long! Up to 3 velocity levels are featured with up to every other note sampled throughout the entire range of the piano. Release samples are included for maximum realism. The S5000/6000 envelopes were generally avoided in order to preserve the natural timbral decay of this piano. Because of this, the MegaPiano feels very comfortable to play. There are no unnatural loops, no fake-sounding envelopes, no abrupt sample transitions, and no sudden velocity switches to remind you that you are playing a sampler. Instead, playing the MegaPiano feels like you are playing a real acoustic piano. Even the smallest MegaPiano bank features smooth transitions between notes and throughout the velocity range. Now S5000/6000 owners can experience what the 'Giga' phenomenon is all about. There is nothing like the totally natural sound of piano samples that fade naturally into silence. After just a few moments of playing the MegaPiano, you will truly appreciate the difference.

You Choose Your Ambience

The Studio Series MegaPiano was sampled as dry as possible. We strongly believe that it sounds far more natural to add ambience to a clean sample, than to hear the ambience abruptly cut off when you release notes that were sampled with ambience. The MegaPiano is simply a clean studio quality recording of a Steinway® grand piano that easily allows you to control the ambience via outboard gear or plug-ins. Clean, dry samples give you full control over your sound. We have programmed in a small amount of reverb from the Akai effects board for S6000 owners and S5000 owners with the EB20 board installed.

Akai S5000 / S6000 MegaPiano Audio Demo

Animated SpeakerClick on the speaker icon to download a high quality (1.3 meg) MP3 demo of the 240 meg version of the MegaPiano and hear for yourself the outstanding quality of the MegaPiano. This audio demo was recorded directly from an Akai S5000 to hard disk with no processing added. Audio Demo Help

Select Destination...

Formats: CD ROM: For use with an Akai S5000 or S6000 sampler with a CD ROM connected. You can also use ak.sys with the USB board to load these banks.

PLEASE NOTE: More RAM means better sample banks. We recommend at least 64 megs of RAM, 128 megs is better, 256 is really great. Of course, many banks will work with less RAM. (See above chart for details.)

Steinway® is a registered trademark of Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc.

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