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Last updated Monday, April 27, 2020

Here is the updated MIDI Wind Controller Bibliography and Articles List

This page will be updated regularly. No warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of this information. This information has been provided by Patchman Music as a free service and resource to the wind controller community. Since this information will be updated often, you may LINK to this page but you may not copy the contents from this copyrighted text or republish it in any form.

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Patchman Music

The Wind Controller Bibliography

If you are interested in reading further about wind controllers, here is a list of some articles on the subject. Please send an email to the address at the top of this page if you come across any additional references that should be included here.

Aftertouch Magazine

June 1987
"WX7 Sound Sheet" This article discusses the production of the included sound sheet demo recording of Sal Gallina playing the WX7.
1 page

September 1987
"WX7" An introduction to the WX7. 2 pages Also includes a small a note about using a breath controller with the FB-01.

July 1988
Includes a TX81Z Patch called "Lyricon" designed to be played with a wind synth.

October 1988Wind Controller Patchman Music
"Breath Controller"
Discusses using the Yamaha BC1 or BC2 breath controller with a keyboard.
2 pages

January 1989
New product release notes on the WX11/WT11.

March 1989
"WX7 Wind Controller"-Getting acquainted with your WX7.
Tips on using the WX7.
2 pages

April/May 1989
"WX7 and TX81Z"
Discusses programming the TX81Z for breath control.
3 pages

American Recorder

(published by The American Recorder Society)
June 1991
"Wired for Sound"
By Matt and Tony Marvuglio
A review of the Suzuki MIDI Recorder SRW-100 and the Yamaha WindJamm'r-EW20.

Business Week

by Larry Armstrong
Science/Tech section
Article about the introduction of Yamaha's physical modeling synths such as the VL1 and Stanford's Julius Smith, the inventor.
Read the article here.

Coda Magazine

August / September 2008

Electronic Valve Instrument
by Bruce Cassidy

Trumpeter and EVI aficionado Bruce Cassidy explores the Electronic Valve Instrument. With photos and links. Read it here.
1 page. pp. 23.

Downbeat Magazine

November 1989
"Michael Brecker: Re-Charged Sax". Excellent article. Brecker discussing the Akai EWI1000.
1.5 pages

January 1991 - "Now You See Him..." Article about Michael Brecker's new album and talks about the Akai EWI1000.
3 pages

October 1992 - "Brecker Brothers Are BACK!" (cover story)
"The Brecker Brothers: Boogie Out Of Africa", pp. 16-20.
Talks about the EWI, among others things.

June 1992- "Groove Ganster", pp. 21-23.
Joe Zawinul interview. Shows two photos of Zawinul with the Korg PePe, a custom-built breath controlled keyboard with wireless MIDI.

Electronic Musician Magazine

April 1986
Review of the JL Cooper MIDI Wind Driver.
2 pages

February 1988
Akai EVI1000 and EWI1000 review. 5 pages.
This issue also contains a soundsheet recording of Sal Gallina playing a WX7 accompanied by a two page ad for the WX7.

May 1988
Yamaha WX7 reviewWind Controller Patchman Music
5 pages
Includes a small article on Sal Gallina.

October 1988
Article "The Akai EVI1000 and EWI1000: A Personal Approach". Some great tips and tricks!
5 pages

December 1988
Synthophone review
5 pages

January 1989
One Chip Project: "Breath Controlled Expressor project."
Pages 82-85
Also has a review of the Casio DH-100.

June 1991
Press release of the Akai X335i breath controller.

December 1991
In depth review of the EWI3000 Wind Controller
6 pages

February 1994
"Model Music"
By: Scott Wilkinson
Article about Sound Modeling
8 pages (p.42-54)

June 1994
Yamaha VL1 review
By: Scott Wilkinson
6 pages. (p.99-104)

August 1995
In the "Letters" section there was a question and answer concerning the availability of Trumpet-type MIDI controllers.

Brass simulator for NEXT computer.

October 1996Wind Controller Patchman Music
"Orchestrated Escape"
by Mark Steensland
An article about the recording of the soundtrack to "Escape From L.A.". Discusses Nyle Steiner's work on his new prototype EVI. Also includes a photo of Nyle holding the new EVI.
8 pages

June 1999
Review of WX5 and VL70-m
By Scott Wilkinson
4 pages

November 2000
"Yamaha PLG Series"
By Allan Metts
An article about the Yamaha PLG Series plug in expansion cards. It has a section about the PLG150-VL card.
4 pages

May 2001-1
"The Wind Cries MIDI"
By Scott Wilkinson
An in depth article about the current crop of commercial MIDI wind controllers. This issue also features articles about other alternate MIDI controllers.
10 pages

May 2002
"Let's Get Physical"
By Brian Smithers
Article about physical modeling
4 pages

May 2006
The Akai EWI4000s is featured in the "What's New" section. Includes photo.
By: Gary Yelton
1 page. (p.22)

June 2006
The MDT (Morrison Digital Trumpet) is featured in the "What's New" section. Includes photo.
By: Gary Yelton
1 page. (p.20)Wind Controller Patchman Music

June 2007
Review of the Akai EWI4000s. Also contains a sidebar mini-review of the Patchman Music EWI4000s Volume 1 soundbank for the EWI4000s.
By Scott Wilkinson
3 pages (p.98-100)

March 2008
Review of the Patchman Music TURBO VL upgrade chip for the Yamaha VL70-m.
By: Scott Wilkinson
2 pages. (p.118-119)

EQ Magazine

February 1995
"A Breath Of Fresh Air"
How you can spice up your sequences by adding an electronic woodwind.

Interview with Hollywood session player Fred Seldon.
Discusses his use of the EWI.
4 pages

Review of the Yamaha VL1 synthesizer.
By Howard Massey
4 pages

Expressive FM Applications

By Sal Gallina
c1987 Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
ISBN 0-88188-762-5
$19.95 U.S.
104 pages. Published by Yamaha Music Foundation and Hal Leonard Publications. Yamaha bundled this book with the WX7. It includes an audio cassette of Sal Gallina playing the WX7 and TX81Z. For a time it was available through the Mix Bookshelf catalog. This book is out of print.
Read more about it here

Future Music Magazine

April 1994 - Issue 18
"Let's Get Physical". Explains what physical modeling is and how Yamaha went about implementing it in the VL1.
By Mike Barnes
Article previewing the Yamaha VL1. Cover features the Yamaha VL1.
3 pages

Insight Magazine

February 5, 1990
"Musicians Plug Into a New Sound (A New Crop of Electronic Instruments)".
2 pages

Keyboard Magazine / Contemporary Keyboard Magazine

August 1976
Ad for Steiner-Parker Electronic Valve Instrument EVI

January 1980
"Apocalypse Now - The Synthesizer Soundtrack"
by Bob Moog
Article about the making of the soundtrack to the movie. Has a photo of Nyle Steiner in the studio playing EVI

March 1986
Review of the JL Cooper Expression Plus
by Dave Frederick
2 pages with photo

December 1986
"MIDI Interfacing for the Rest of the Universe". Article discusses MIDI-ing various acoustic instruments. Talks about the Perkiphone design.
2 pages
Also EVI1000/EWI1000 ad on page 13

July 1987
"Programming and Technique With or Without the Keyboard"
Article on Wind Synthesis. Also has article on Fred Selden, a prominent L.A. studio wind synthesist who uses the Akai EWI.
7 pages

October 1987
Akai EVI1000/EWI1000 full page ad

March 1988
Yamaha WX7 review
3 pages

October 1988
Article "Keyboards are for Wimps". About some of the limitations of keyboard-controlled synthesis and advantages of wind controlled synthesis.
1 page
This issue also contains an article and picture of Mark Isham holding a Perkiphone MIDI acoustic trumpet.Wind Controller Patchman Music

March 1989
6 pages
A full Akai EWI1000 review

December 1989
Article "Programming Synths for Wind Control"
2 pages

January 1990
Article "Exploring Dynamic Harmony with the Synthophone".
2 pages

August 1991
New EWI3000 ad on page 120

September 1991
Breath controller interface project for the Korg M1.
Page 16
Also EWI3000 ad on page 49

December 1991
Ad for the "Windbox"- a hardware box giving keyboardists breath control over their Patches.
Page 187

February 1994
"The Next Big Thing"
An article about Sound Modeling.
By: Michael Marans
16 pages. (p.99-118)

June 1994
Yamaha VL1 review.
By: Ernie Rideout
8 pages. (p.104-118)

Keyboard Magazine September 1994
"The History of Physical Modeling"

Keyboard Magazine December 2000
Mark Vail's Vintage Gear column features the Steiner-Parker Synthacon and Nyle Steiner.
Page 140

Keyboard Magazine July 2004
Mark Vail's Vintage Gear column talks about the history of Nyle Steiner's EVI.
Page 100

May 2006
Announcement of the MDT in the "New Gear" column. Also includes photo.
By: Stephon Fortner
1 page. (p.18)Wind Controller Patchman Music

May 2006
Mini review of Arturia's "Brass" softsynth.
By: Ernie Rideout
1 page. (p.80)

August 2006
The Yamaha VL1 is the topic of Mark Vail's Vintage Synths column
By: Mark Vail
1 page. (p.84)

Keyboard Magazine April 2007
Review of the Akai EWI4000s
By Ernie Rideout
3 pages. p.74.
In "From the Editor" on page 8 he also writes of his interest in the EWI due to his contact with Michael Brecker.

Keyboard Review Magazine (UK)

February 1997, Issue 134

Includes a review of the Yamaha VL70-m

MIDI Magazine

March/April 1994
Yamaha WX11 and WT11 review
By Paul Butler
3 pages

MIT Journal

article on VL1 ?

Music Technology MagazineWind Controller Patchman Music

October 1987
Akai EWI1000 and EVI1000 preview
1 page

December 1987
Akai EVI1000 and EWI1000 review
4 pages
Also an excellent interview with Sal Gallina and Nyle Steiner- the designers of the WX7, EVI1000, and EWI1000 (4 pages).
Click here to read the complete interview.

Music Technology (British Version)
April 1988
Akai EVI1000 and EWI1000 review
3 pages

March 1988
Yamaha WX7 review
4 pages
This issue also has a photo of the hardshell case available from Akai for the EVI1000 or EWI1000.

July 1989
Yamaha WX11/WT11 review
3 pages

November 1988
Tom Scott interview, an avid WX7 user. Also a review of the Synthophone- a MIDI saxophone.
5 pages

Premier Issue (Peter Gabriel on cover)
Half page article and picture on Perkiphone Trumpet to MIDI synthesizer.

April 1988
Review of the Sting EW2 MIDI Wind Controller.
3 pages

February 1988
Review of the Artisyn SX01 MIDI Sax
2 pages

May 1989
"Rehumanize Your Sequences, Part 4: Wind Instruments. Discusses how to emulate various acoustic wind instruments using a breath controller.
4 pages

December 1986
"Stepping Out". Discusses Steps Ahead and Michael Brecker's use of the Steinerphone in this group. Includes a picture of Brecker playing the Steinerphone with his 1986 set-up.
4 pages

April 1987
News release of the Artisyn MIDI Sax.
Page 7

Review of the Frankfurt Musikmesse. Discusses the release of the EVI1000 and EWI1000. Includes picture of Nyle Steiner playing the Steinerphone.
Pages 50, 51, and 54

February 1988
Akai EVI1000/EWI1000 video tape ad.

Recording Magazine

January 1995
Yamaha VL1 review.
By Nick Batzdorf
4 pages

This issue is sort of a wind controller themed issue. It includes a 4 page review of the VL1 and VL1-m. There is also an article called "The Controllers" that talks about the currently available alternate controllers such as the Akai EWI3020. It features a VL1 and an Akai EWI3020 on the cover.

"The Controllers- Keyboards and Unkeyboards"
By Nick Batzdorf and Trevor Gilchrist
Discusses the currently available wind controllers and percussion controllers. Also reviews the Akai EWI3020.
5 pages

"Airto Moreira"
By Lorenz Rychner
Interview with Airto. He mention his horn player, Gary Meeks, who plays an Akai EWI.

Saxophone Journal

March/April 1991
"Creative Jazz Improvisation"
An article about the Yamaha WindJamm'r.
2 pages (p.52-53)

May/June 1991
"The Future Is Now"
About the Prism saxophone quartet which uses wind controllers and the first California Saxophone and MIDI wind controller festival.
6 pages (p.51-56)

Sound On Sound MagazineWind Controller Patchman Music

September 1987
Are wind synthesizers finally receiving the attention they justly deserve with the recent launch of Akai's EWI and Yamaha's WX7? Who better to put these new marvels in perspective than musician/producer John L. Walters, a leading exponent of the Lyricon, the wind controller that paved the way for today's 'new' instruments.

December 1987
Akai EWI & Yamaha WX7 Wind Synthesizers
Having explored the history and development of wind synthesizers in our September issue, record producer and wind player extrordinaire John L. Walters compares and contrasts the Akai EWI and Yamaha WX7. Are they the instruments that wind players have been longing for?

October 1988
Vol 3 Issue 12
Review of the Casio DH-100 MIDI Horn
Casio DH-100
Don't be fooled by its toy-town looks - Casio's DH-100 Digital Horn comes with six sounds and a built-in speaker, but it is a remarkably good MIDI wind controller for £99. Tony Crowle decides to take it seriously.

July 1994
An in depth review of the Yamaha VL1.

March 1995
Review of the Yamaha VL7 Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer. Read it here.

September 1996
Preview of the Yamaha VL70m Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator. Read it here.

October 1996
Let's Get Physical
In depth review of Yamaha VL70-m Read it here.

October 1997
In depth review of the Korg Z1 physical modelling synth.

January 1998
BREATHE EASY - Yamaha VL70-m Breath Controller Sequencing Workshop
Paul White finds a few ways around the restricted breath-control facilities of the Yamaha VL70-m. Read it here.

March 1998
Yamaha's Range
Preview of the Yamaha WX5 and other Yamaha gear from the era by Paul White. Read it here.

July 1998
Wind Power! Yamaha WX5 Wind Controller
Review of the Yamaha WX5 by Paul White with a little help from Rachel Fletcher and Paul Farrer. Read it here.

The Mix (subtitled "Britain's music production magazine". Available in UK only)

December 1994
VL1-m "Virtually Affordable Virtual Synthesis". VL1-m shown on the cover.

February 1995
A four page review of the Akai 3020, EWI3020m, and EWI3030m.
It has ex-Tangerine Dream player Steve Jolliffe doing the reviewing, and also playing a demo track on the cover CD.

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