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Here is a brief discography of Wind Controller Recordings and Music

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Wind Controller Recordings

If you are interested in listening to wind controllers, here is a short list of some wind controller recordings...

Wind Controller recordings cds lps discography Patchman MusicNUCLEAR BLUES - Blood, Sweat, and Tears. One of the earliest EVI recordings ever with a big name group. Bruce Cassidy is credited on "Steiner Electric Trumpet". 1980. MCA/LAX Records. More info.

WITNESS (film soundtrack) - Maurice Jarre, composer. Lots of EVI solos by Nyle Steiner. 1985. Varese Sarabande STV 81237 (record), CTV 81237 (cassette), and VCD 47227 (CD).

KALEIDOSCOPE - Mike Metheny. Steiner EVI on at least two cuts. 1988. MCA Impulse MCA 42023 (record, CD and cassette).

ONE VOICE - Barbra Streisand. Live concert. Eight piece band recreated many Streisand mega hits. EVI solos by Nyle Steiner. 1987. Columbia OC 40788. Also available on video from CBS/Fox Home Video. Nyle demonstrates the EVI to Streisand and the audience at the end.

ON THE CORNER - John Patitucci. Judd Miller plays EVI on three cuts. 1989. GRP GRD-9583

THE STILL POINT - Susan Mazer (Electro-acoustic harp) & Dallas Smith (woodwinds and EWI). 1990. (CD insert lists Mazer & Smith, PO Box 6391, Stateline, NV 89449.) ProJazz CDJ 728.

MAGNETIC - Steps Ahead. Michael Brecker plays "Steiner EWI" on 6 cuts. Oberheim Xpander listed with EWI on 4 cuts. (From the way it is listed, perhaps two cuts use the Steiner module as the sound source and four cuts use the Xpander controlled by the EWI). 1986. Elektra Asylum 60441-1.

MICHAEL BRECKER - Michael Brecker. Brecker plays EWI on several cuts. Judd Miller and Nyle Steiner are included in the "thank yous". 1987 MCA/Impulse. MCA-5980.

DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME - Michael Brecker. Brecker plays "Akai EWI" on 3 cuts. Judd Miller is credited as synth programmer in the liner notes. Jack Sugino and Koh Suzuki from Akai are in the "thank yous" 1988. MCA Records MCA 42229.

NOW YOU SEE IT... (NOW YOU DON'T) - Michael Brecker. Brecker plays "Akai EWI" on 5 cuts. Judd Miller and Sam Zambito are in the "thank yous". I remember Sam assisting Brecker with programming and system design around this time. 1990. GRP GRD-9622.

STEPS AHEAD - LIVE IN TOKYO 1986 - Michael Brecker. In my opinion, its some of the best stuff Brecker has ever recorded on the EWI, as well as killer performances from all members of the group

RETURN OF THE BRECKER BROTHERS - LIVE IN BARCELONA. Brecker Brothers. Michael Brecker playing the EWI on tracks 5 and 6. GRP-96843.

RETURN OF THE BRECKER BROTHERS - Brecker Brothers (1992) GRP #GRD-9684 Michael makes good use of his EWI throughout the album

OUT OF THE LOOP - Brecker Brothers. Michael Brecker playing "Akai EWI" on tracks 4,5,7, and 8. 1994. GRP 97842.

KENNY G - Kenny G. Kenny G playing "Lyricon Mini-Moog wind synthesizer solo on 'Stop and Go'". (track 3) 1982. Arista 259337.

DUOTONES - Kenny G. Sal Gallina credited for playing "Digital wind controller". Also, "Violins, French horns and string sounds on 'Don't Make me Wait' played by Sal Gallina and violins on 'Esther' played by Kenny G on the Digital Wind Controller." 1986. Arista 257792.

A CHANGE OF HEART - David Sanborn. Track 6, A Change of Heart: "Michael Brecker: Steinerphone EWI." 1987. Warner Bros. 925479-2.

THE RHYTHM OF THE SAINTS - Paul Simon. "Akai EWI SYNTHESIZER Michael Brecker" on tracks 1,3,5,8,9. 1990. Warner Bros. 7599-26098-2.

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE - Yellowjackets. Bob Mintzer playing "EWI" on a few tracks. 1994. GRP 97542.

SKETCHBOOK - John Patitucci. Judd Miller credited for "EVI & Synthesizer Programming" on track 12. 1990. GRP 96172.

REED MY LIPS - Tom Scott. CD insert lists Scott playing "horn synth" on one cut, "synth horn, strings and vibes" on another. 1994 GRP GRD 9752.

BLACK MARKET - Weather Report (1976) Columbia Records #PC 34099 The only WP album I know of that Wayne Shorter uses the Lyricon.

AJA - Steely Dan (1977) ABC Records #AA-1006 Tom Scott overdubs several Lyricons in the intro of "Peg".

RISE - Herb Alpert (1979) A&M Records Tom Scott plays Lyricon on "Aranjuez". A&M CD-3274

MILE ONE - Random Walk (1991) #RW-521-CD. Produced by Daryl Stuermer (guitarist and writer with Phil Collins and Genesis). On this fusion album, Dave Matsen plays WX7 driving a Korg M1, Korg M3R, ESQ-1 and a Kurzweil (1000 series?). The CD is currently out of print.

LIKE A RIVER - Yellowjackets. Bob Mintzer playing "EWI". "Guest musicians: ... Judd Miller - EWI programming". 1993. GRP-96892

DON'T SAY IT'S OVER - Randy Crawford, vocals. Steve Tavaglioni plays and EWI "harmonica" solo on the title cut. Warner Bros. 45381-2

WHAT'S INSIDE - New York Voices (five vocalists and a back-up band). On "The Sultan Fainted", one of the vocalists, Darmon Meader, plays an "Akai EWI" solo. John Tendy is credited with "EWI sound programming". GRP GRD-9700

VAPOR DRAWINGS - Mark Isham plays the Steiner EVI on his debut album on Windham Hill Records. Catalog #: WD-1027. Released: 1983. Mark Isham- Synthesizer, trumpets, flugelhorn, piano, soprano sax, Steiner EVI, electronic percussion.

Castalia - Mark Isham plays the Perkiphone on his debut album on Virgin Records America. UPC #: 075679090027. Released: 1988. Mark Isham- trumpet, keyboards, electronics, J.L. Cooper/Perkins MIDI trumpet (track 2), electronic percussion (track 2), flugelhorn (track 3).

TIBET - Mark Isham plays the Perkiphone on the Windham Hill Records release. Catalog #: WD-1080. Released: 1989. Mark Isham- Producer, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trumpet [Perkiphone], Gong [Paiste Gongs], Electronics, Composer, Arranger

Monster - Herbie Hancock - (1980) Columbia Stereo Record JC 36415. Herbie Hancock plays, besides all his other keyboards, a Steiner EVI!

Nyle Steiner Wind Controller Recordings

Judd Miller Wind Controller Recordings

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