EVI Gig Rig
Sept. 2005

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Matt's Gig Rig - September 2005

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Wireless MIDI EVI Patchman MusicHere was my "Gig Rig" circa September 2005.

It consists of a 4 space anvil type rack case with three Yamaha VL70-m's upgraded with the Patchman Music TURBO VL Upgrade chip, a Boss SE-70 Multi-effects processor, a TOA D3 Mixer, and a Midi Jet Pro wireless MIDI system all installed inside it. In the lower photo, you can see the Crumar EVI on the floor. That is plugged into the fourth input on the TOA. The MIDI EVI controller is seen on one of the bass bins in the back of the top photo. The MIDI EVI has the Midi Jet Pro wireless MIDI transmitter installed INSIDE the body. The entire MIDI EVI runs off one 9 volt battery. A main mono output from the TOA mixer feeds the Yamaha FC9 stereo volume pedal for overall volume control with my foot. The output of the FC9 footpedal goes to input 1 on the Bose PAS.

The rack case only needs to have the top lid removed to access the audio cables and power cable out through the top making set up quite fast and easy.

The Bose PAS is my amp of choice. It is not cheap but it sounds great. It functions as the PA and monitor. I usually don't bring the bass bins for use with my EVI rig, but in this case with my Trio, the keyboardist was plugged into it as well for both keyboard sounds and his left hand bass sounds. The bass bins are great for the bass. The entire trio goes through the Bose (except for the drums) and it sounds incredible. For small clubs and more intimate venues, this has worked incredibly well.

Patchman Music

Matt Traum Gig Rig September 2005

Matt Traum Gig Rig September 2005

Matt Traum Gig Rig September 2005

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