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 The Yamaha WX5
Wind MIDI Controller Info Page

Buy your Yamaha WX5 from THE Wind Controller Experts....


Midi Jet Pro Patchman MusicIf you own or are thinking of owning a Yamaha WX5, you can go WIRELESS! Be sure to check out the MidiJet Pro USB Wireless MIDI system available in the USA from Patchman Music! Click here for details

Plays Like a Woodwind, Sounds Like... Anything You Like!

The Yamaha WX5 Wind MIDI Controller is simply the most advanced, most versatile, most playable, and most expressive MIDI controller of its kind. It doesn't matter whether you're an accomplished acoustic woodwind player or a complete beginner, the WX5 offers intimate control and playability that no keyboard or other type of MIDI controller can even approach.

If You Already Play a Wind Instrument...

The WX5 is your key to vastly expanded expression and musical scope. You'll be able to use familiar fingering and techniques to play an unlimited range of new sounds. Play the WX5 like a saxophone, for example, but sound like a trombone, piano, electric guitar, bass... literally any sound that gives you the musical effect you want. Why leave this type of sonic versatility to the keyboard players? If you can play a wind instrument such as saxophone, clarinet, flute, or even recorder (the WX5 comes with a reedless recorder type mouthpiece in addition to the saxophone type mouthpiece) you can already play the WX5! Why play a wind controller? Click here for the answer.

If You've Never Played a Wind Instrument Before...

The WX5 is easy to learn. You can choose a fingering that you're most comfortable with right from the beginning. And, unlike an acoustic wind instrument, it doesn't take months of practice just to get a decent tone. The reedless recorder type mouthpiece supplied in addition to the saxophone type mouthpiece makes playing even easier. An extensive range of customizable parameters lets you set up the WX5 to play the way you want it to. If you play a keyboard or other instrument the WX5 can open the door to a whole new world or expression and musical versatility. Buy your Yamaha WX5 from Patchman Music. Patchman Music personally calibrates and checks out EVERY horn they sell.

Play Any MIDI Tone Generator

MIDI, the Musical Instrument Digital Interface, is the standard used by virtually every modern MIDI tone generator or other electronic music device available from any manufacturer. Since the WX5 is a 100% MIDI-compatible controller, it can be used to play any MIDI tone generator on the market today - starting with the extensive lineup available from Yamaha.

The Yamaha VL70-m Virtual Acoustic Tone generator, for example, is a perfect match for the WX5. Although a mono tone generator, it's advanced computer-modeling technology delivers some of the most realistic and expressive wind-instrument sounds available in any tone generator system. The Yamaha MU-series XG tone generators are also an excellent choice. But you're in no way limited: choose the MIDI tone generator that provides the type of sound you want. Patchman Music has developed the TURBO VL upgrade chip for the VL70-m. The Patchman Music TURBOVL upgrade chip turns the VL70-m into the ultimate wind controller sound module. Click here for complete info and over 200 mp3 demos clips of the amazing TURBO VL upgrade chip for the VL70-m.

High Resolution Wind & Lip Sensors With Precision Calibration Controls

The WX5 translates the player's breath and lip pressure to MIDI data via high-resolution wind and lip sensors that can be precisely calibrated to match individual playing characteristics. If you normally play sax, for example, you can set up the WX5 so that it plays almost exactly the same as your acoustic instrument. That way you can switch back and forth between instruments without even having to think about adjusting your style. Buy your Yamaha WX5 from Patchman Music. Patchman Music personally calibrates and checks out EVERY horn they sell. Avoid ebay scams and avoid other dealers and the headaches they will give you- get a PRE-CALIBRATED and TESTED WX5 from Patchman Music and start playing and enjoying your Yamaha WX5 right out of the box. Call Matt at Patchman Music for a great package price.

WX5 Fingering Chart Patchman MusicA Choice of Fingering Modes- With Alternate Fingerings for Unlimited Expression

Whether you're an experienced wind instrument player or a beginner, one of the WX5's four selectable fingering modes will provide optimum playability for you. The "Saxophone(c)" mode, in particular, allows the same type of alternate fingerings that sax players use to add subtle variety and expression to their sound.


Basically the same as saxophone fingering, except that the fingering remains the same in all octaves, and thus is easy to learn.


This mode is similar to Saxophone(a), but with additional trill key functions to facilitate rapid passages. This fingering is similar to that on the WX5's predecessor, the Yamaha WX11 Wind MIDI Controller.


Similar to flute fingering, this mode is ideal for players who are familiar with flute fingering. Rather than continuous pitch bend in response to lip pressure, the pitch jumps up one octave when lip pressure is applied, simulating the "overblow" octave shift on an acoustic flute.


A variation of the Saxophone(a) fingering mode, this mode allows saxophone-type alternate fingerings. Although alternate fingerings produce the same note, they produce slight variations in pitch and timbre which can be used for musical effect.

Part of the Saxophone(c) fingering (above). Alternate fingering variations are shown in (A) through (C).

System Examples

WX5 and VL70-m Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator

The perfect match: extraordinarily realistic, and expressive wind instrument sounds, as well as direct connection via the WX cable without the need for batteries, or an AC adaptor.

MIDI WIRELESS and WX5 and MIDI Tone Generator

Patchman Music sells the best MIDI wireless system on earth- the Midi Jet Pro. The Midi Jet Pro allows you to go completely wireless between the WX5 and a MIDI synth such as the Yamaha VL70-m. Once you've experienced the absolute freedom of being wireless you will never go back! Click here for details on the Midi Jet Pro USB MIDI Wireless System.

WX5 and MIDI Tone Generator

Basic but very versatile, this is the type of setup you'll use with any MIDI tone generator of your choice. Patchman Music has developed a vast library of synthesizer soundbanks specially set up to work with the Yamaha WX5. Click here for info on the Patchman Music wind controller soundbanks.

WX5 with the MFC10 Foot Controller

With the MFC10 Foot Controller you can switch voices, control volume or other parameters, and generally change setups via foot control without interrupting your performance.

WX5 and QY100 Music Sequencer

The WX5 can be connected to an integrated sequencer/tone generator unit such as the Yamaha QY100 to allow convenient recording and playback of MIDI data.

Comprehensive Setup Capability & Versatile Realtime Control

Yamaha WX5 Back Patchman MusicIn addition to connectors, calibration controls and setup switches, the "thumb side" of the WX5 offers a range of controls and features which are not available on conventional acoustic Instruments.

1 Sensor Gain Controls

These four controls adjust the gain and zero point of the wind and lip sensors for optimum playability.

2 Octave Keys

These keys allow you to shift the pitch of the instrument up or down by one, two or three octaves while playing.

3 Setup Button

Used in conjunction with other WX5 control buttons, the Setup Button allows software wind gain, octave transpose, and other settings to be changed while playing.

4 Pitch Bend Wheel

Like the pitch bend wheel on keyboard synthesizers, the WX5 pitch bend wheel can be used to produce smooth pitch bends.

5 Key Hold Button

The Key Hold button controls any of four assignable key hold functions.

6 Program Change Button

Used in conjunction with the instrument's keys, the Program Change button can be used to transmit MIDI program change and bank numbers to the connected MIDI tone generator in order to change voices directly from the WX5.

7 MIDI OUT Connector

When not using the WX cable (below), this connector is used to directly connect the WX5 to a MIDI tone generator via a standard MIDI cable.

8 WX OUT Connector

This connector allows the WX5 to be directly connected to compatible Yamaha tone generators (such as the VL70-m and the older WT11) via the supplied WX Extension cable. If you need a replacement WX Extension cable, Patchman Music sells them here.

Yamaha WX5 DIP Switches Patchman MusicCustomize the WX5 for Your Playing Requirements

The WX5 has 16 DIP switches which allow it to be customized to meet your Individual playing requirements.

1 Velocity

Determines whether the key-on velocity (i.e. the attack of each note) will be fixed or controlled by wind pressure.

2 Wind Sensor to MIDI Data

Specifies the type of MIDI data via which the WX5 wind data will be transmitted.

3 Wind Curve

Determines the relationship between breath pressure and the output MIDI volume data.

4 Tight Lip/Loose Lip Mode

Selects the Tight lip or Loose Lip playing mode.

5 Lip Data Range

Determines the range of data which can be produced via lip "Normal" or "Wide."

6 Lip Data

Specifies the type of MIDI data via which the WX5 lip data will be transmitted- "Pitch Bend" or "Modulation."

7 Lip + Control Change Data

Determines whether or not MIDI control change number #18 will he added to the lip data transmitted by the WX5.

8 Transpose

Sets the "key" of the WX5: i.e. the actual pitch played when a C is fingered- "C2," "Bb1", or "Eb2."

9 Fingering

Specifies the WX5 fingering mode - "Saxophone(a)." "Saxophone(b)," "Saxophone(c)," or "Flute."

10 Fast Response

Sets the speed at which the WX5 will respond to fingering changes.

11 High D/D# Key Assign

Determines whether the high D and D# keys will be used normally as playing keys or to transmit MIDI control change data.

12 Pitchbend to MIDI Data

Determines the initial power-on Pitch Bend Wheel control mode.

Accessories for the Yamaha WX5

VL70-m Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator

The VL70-m Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator is compact, low-cost addition to Yamaha's expanding line of Virtual Acoustic Synthesis instruments, giving electronic musicians unprecedented musical flexibility and expressive capability. The VL70-m with the Patchman Music TURBO VL upgrade chip is the only way to go. Click here for complete info and over 200 mp3 demos of the amazing Patchman Music TURBO VL upgrade chip for the VL70-m.

MFC10 MIDI Foot Controller

Provides remote switching of up to 100 control change parameters and 128 program change numbers (or up to 12,800 control change parameters if 100 bank select messages are used), and more.



Note keys (16 keys including 2 assignable high keys), 4 Octave Change Keys (Control range: 7 octave), Pitchbend Wheel, Setup Switch, Hold Switch (Key hold/Sustain/Portamento), Program Change Switch, Power On/Off Switch

Rotary Controls



Key Transpose: C2/Bb1/Eb2, Octave Transpose: 5 steps (-2/-1/0/+1/+2)


Saxophone(a), Saxophone(b), Saxophone(c), Flute

Dip Switches

Velocity: On/Off, Wind Data: CC#2 (Breath Controller)/CC#7 (Volume)/CC#11 (Expression), Wind Curve: Normal/Hard, Lip Mode: Tight Lip/Loose Lip, Lip Range: Normal/Wide, Lip Data: Pitch bend/Modulation wheel, Lip + CC#18 (Gen3): On/Off, Transpose: C2/Bb1/Eb2, Fingering: Saxophone(a)/(b)/(c)/Flute, Fast Response: On/Off, High D, D# key assign: On(D: CC#81, D#: CC#80)/Off, Pitch Bend Data: Pitch bend Up & Pitch bend Down/Modulation wheel & Pitch bend Down/ CC#16 (Gen1) & CC#17 (Gen2)/Brightness Up & Brightness Down


Wind Sensor, Lip Sensor


Red LED x 2 (WIND Monitor, LIP ZERO Monitor)

MIDI Transmit Channel

1-16 channel


MIDI Out Connector, WX Out Connector (Power and MIDI Out), DC in Jack

Power Supply

6 x AAA batteries, Yamaha PA-130 AC Adapter, WX Out Connector (from compatible Yamaha Tone Generators or BT7 MIDI/Power Pack)


611(L) x 62(W) x 70(D) mm


520 g


Saxophone type Mouthpiece (attached), Mouthpiece Cap (attached), Recorder type Mouthpiece, Soft Case, WX Cable, Strap, Recorder Cream. Patchman Music also provides free PRE-CALIBRATION of every Yamaha WX5 they sell. Click here for details.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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