The 1999 Winter NAMM Akai Report

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 The 1999 Winter NAMM
Akai EWI Report

The Akai EWI wind controller made a strong showing this past January at the 1999 Winter NAMM show in Los Angeles California. As demonstrated in these photos, Akai did a very nice job of promoting the EWI. We hope you enjoy the report.


Above: In addition to a separate EWI area near the Akai samplers, Akai featured this booth to demonstrate the EWI and related gear!

The above photo shows the EWI3030m PCM sound module connected to the new Akai mixer/amp combo. On the wall, we see a classic poster with Michael Brecker and his EWI1000, and a few of his CDs that feature the EWI. On the back wall we see 3 EWIs in various cool colors. NAMM show attendees were able to try out the EWI in the booth.

The right side of the both shows more dynamically colored EWIs along with the EWI3020m Analog Synth Module, The new S5000 sampler, an "EWING" poster, and some more CDs that feature the EWI.

This EWI booth displayed a number of EWIs in different colors. The colors were gorgeous! These photos do not truly show just how impressive the colors were. Shown here is a blue and gray EWI. Notice the blue mouthpiece cowling.

Purple and white!

Notice the gold colored key pads and strap ring on this beauty!

This one had a super reflective gold metal for the body as well as gold colored key pads.

This was our favorite. This is a green metallic flake with a deep lustre. For the ultimate EWI, we would love to have this green metal flake plastic with the gold metal body (as seen in the above photo) and gold colored keypads.

Here's the stock EWI. Pretty plain in comparison to those other beauties, no?

Akai also had impressive product demonstrations by EWI virtuoso Steve Tavaglione and others. Steve is a monster player. His "Blue Tav" CD is an EWI classic. Check it out!

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