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Akai EWI3030m EWI-3030m EWI3030-m Soundbanks patches voices sounds library programs Patchman MusicAkai EWI3030m Soundbanks

Online MP3 Demo Available! (See Below)

Finally!!! A new, high quality soundbank is now available for the Akai EWI3030m to replace those terrible factory presets. From the leading authority in breath controlled sound design, PATCHMAN MUSIC is proud to announce an all-new bank of 128 professional quality EWI3030m sounds specially programmed by experienced wind synthesist and sound designer Matt Traum. These sounds are optimized to be played with the Akai EWI wind controller but can also be used when controlling the EWI3030m with a wind controller or breath controller via its MIDI IN jack. These sounds require a wind controller or breath controller for proper use.

Akai EWI3030m Soundbanks patches sounds programs at Patchman Music EWI3030m Volume 1 was designed with the philosophy that it should be useful to a wind instrument player. It features lots of highly expressive acoustic instrument emulations including brass, woodwinds, saxes, strings, fat analog style synth leads, jazzy Hammond organ and vibes leads, and punchy synth basses. You will also find classic synth timbres such as those made famous by Chick Corea, Lyle Mays, and others. It also features innovative and beautiful "morph patches" which in time change seamlessly from one instrument sound to another.

Every parameter in every patch has been evaluated to make these patches as realistic and expressive as possible. Many hours were devoted to tweaking these new sounds to perfection. The result? An all-new professional soundbank far superior to the EWI3030m factory presets. You have invested in the Akai EWI3030m now experience how great it can sound.

For this soundbank, PATCHMAN MUSIC developed some creative uses for the various sensors on the EWI. The Glide sensor not only controls portamento time, but it is often used to vary the timbre causing the sound to radically change. For example, in "033 *GL:MTpt+Brs", the Glide sensor adds a brass ensemble layer to the muted trumpet sound. In "061 *GL:Dbl.Stop", the Glide sensor layers a second violin note a fifth above the original for a classic double stop effect. And in "093 *\Glide Me\", the Glide sensor fattens the sound. In other sounds such as "003 *Vel:Trumpet", "009 *Vel:MuteTpt", "023 *Vel:HornTbn", "052 *Vel:TenorSx", and "067 *Frazzle::::" velocity is utilized to the sound very expressively. In other sounds such as "109 *Bend Me ()", and "101 *PATCHMAN*", pitchbend causes the sound to fatten in a very pleasing way. We encourage our customers to experiment with the various controllers when auditioning these sounds in order to get a feel for how to use them to their fullest potential. Masterful use of the Glide sensor, Vibrato, Velocity, and Breath pressure will allow incredibly expressive, timbrally versatile, and dynamic sounds. You will also find that by carefully changing your playing technique, e.g. breath attack and tounging, many of these sounds can be used in ways they were not intended. For example, many of the lead patches can be used as basses and some bass patches can be used for great lead sounds. (These sounds are not compatible with any other Akai sound module.) These breath controlled sounds begin with an asterisk (*) in the name for easy identification.

Akai EWI3030m Soundbanks patches sounds programs at Patchman Music$80 (USD) Email delivery only.

Formats: This soundbank is available Standard Midifile (.MID) and Sysex (.SYX) formats for PC/Mac. You will get both formats with your order. Click here for a general explanation of the various formats.


001 *Trumpet 1    033 *GL:MTpt+Brs  065 *Rock Lead    097 *Classic Tri
002 *Trumpet 2    034 *Flute 1      066 *Screemer     098 *Wide Lead
003 *Vel:Trumpet  035 *Flute 2      067 *Frazzle::::  099 *EWI Lead
004 *Cornet 1     036 *New Flute    068 *Freak! Lead  100 *Oberhiem Ld
005 *Cornet 2     037 *Synth Flute  069 *Stack Lead   101 *PATCHMAN*
006 *Bugle        038 *Oct. Flute   070 *Grinder!     102 *Black-ish
007 *Mute Tpt. 1  039 *Pan Flute    071 *HammondLd.1  103 *MatrixLead
008 *Mute Tpt. 2  040 *PanFluteDuo  072 *HammondLd.2  104 *Mean Lead
009 *Vel:MuteTpt  041 *Air Flutes   073 *Vibes        105 *Megasynth
010 *WahMuteTmpt  042 *Chiff Pan    074 *Steel Drums  106 *Analog Lead
011 *MtTpt:Clar!  043 *Clarinet     075 *Voxy Lead    107 *Ben Hur 5th
012 *EVI Tpt+EXT  044 *ClarinetDuo  076 *Airy Voice   108 *Spike Lead
013 *Flugelhorn1  045 *BassClarnet  077 *Whisper*     109 *Bend Me ()
014 *Flugelhorn2  046 *Bassi-nett   078 *Female Lead  110 *Synth Lead
015 *French Horn  047 *Oboe         079 *3O3Om Lead   111 *Vibra Lead
016 *Trombone     048 *Soprano Sax  080 *Angel Lead   112 *Movie Lead
017 *ValveTrmbne  049 *Alto Sax     081 *SaxoMan      113 *MultiOctave
018 *MuteTrmbone  050 *Tenor Sax 1  082 *X File       114 *Octavia
019 *Trombones 1  051 *Tenor Sax 2  083 *Air Lead     115 *Phazar
020 *Trombones 2  052 *Vel:TenorSx  084 *Beauty       116 *Pulse Lead
021 *JazzHorns    053 *Bari Sax     085 *Chick Lead   117 *Morph Ld. 1
022 *Jazz Bones   054 *Saxy         086 *Lorber       118 *Morph Ld. 2
023 *Vel:HornTbn  055 *Harmonica 1  087 *Lyle Lead    119 *MoogBs&Ld 1
024 *Tuba         056 *Harmonica 2  088 *Afri Lead    120 *MoogBs&Ld 2
025 *Fanfare!     057 *Violin 1     089 *Glass Lead   121 *ResoBs&Lead
026 *D50 SynBrs   058 *Violin 2     090 *BreezerLead  122 *Low Reso Ld
027 *Splat Brass  059 *TongueVioln  091 *Mello Lead   123 *Slap Bass
028 *BrassEns. 1  060 *Fiddle       092 *ChorusAnaLd  124 *Pulse Bass
029 *BrassEns. 2  061 *GL:Dbl.Stop  093 *\Glide Me\   125 *Tight Bass
030 *Orch Brass   062 *OrchStrings  094 *Squares []   126 *Moog Bass
031 *Trumpozy     063 *Dist.Guitar  095 *MoogSqrLead  127 *Bad! Bass
032 *OctBrassEns  064 *GuitarSynth  096 *Classic Saw  128 *BirdlandBs.

EWI3030m Volume 1 Audio Demo (3.2 megs) Click on the speaker to download a high quality MP3 audio demo of this soundbank. This audio demo contains 36 short segments recorded direct from the EWI3030m played with a MIDI EVI wind controller. It was recorded directly from the EWI3030m to hard disk with no processing added. The sounds you hear in the demo are: 001 *Trumpet 1, 002 *Trumpet 2, 004 *Cornet 1, 008 *Mute Tpt. 2, 013 *Flugelhorn, 016 *Trombone, 018 *MuteTrmbone, 021 *JazzHorns, 033 *GL MTpt+Brs, 035 *Flute 2, 041 *Air Flutes, 045 *BassClarnet, 048 *Soprano Sax, 055 *Harmonica 1, 061 *GL Dbl.Stop, 062 *OrchStrings, 071 *HammondLd.1, 072 *HammondLd.2, 077 *Whisper*, 080 *Angel Lead, 082 *X File, 084 *Beauty, 086 *Lorber, 088 *Afri Lead, 093 *Glide Me, 101 *PATCHMAN*, 102 *Black-ish, 105 *Megasynth, 109 *Bend Me(), 111 *Vibra Lead, 112 *Movie Lead, 113 *MultiOctave, 117 *Morph Ld.1, 118 *Morph Ld.2, 121 *ResoBs&Lead, 127 *Bad! Bass. Audio Demo Help

User Comments...

"Once again, as usual, _fantastic_ job on this patch set! You guys are it. You EWI3030m owners, get this soundbank. Nice stuff. The trumpets and saxes are vastly improved. The analog presets are usable now! BTW, that '082: *X-File' patch makes a pretty good didgeridoo sound in the lower octaves. Or should I say, 'down under?'"

"Pretty amazing what you did with the EWI3030m patches. I was scared that I wouldn't get any musical use out of that beast of a machine. Now, my old Steiner EVI/VL1m/EWI3020/3030m/TX81Z are all happy because they all have your patches sitting in them..."

"Hello all. I just got the Patchman patches for my Akai EWI3030m. They sound great!"

"I took the plunge and purchased [Patchman Music's] new sound banks for the EWI3030m! Turns out there really is a synth inside the EWI3030m! The EWI3030m is now usable, thanks to the Patchman patches for the EWI3030m, which are indeed *far* superior to the factory presets. Patchman has done an outstanding job with the EWI3030m banks. The response of the patches are *much* better than the factory set. This alone is worth the bucks I shelled out. I give high marks to Matt and Patchman Music for turning 'chicken $hit' into 'chicken salad'. He has made these samples sound as good as they can on this unit. I liked the glide harmonized fiddle especially. Now, what surprised me the most was what Patchman did with the analog sounds - DAMN! As I have said before, Patchman knows ANALOG. This module can be a FAT ANALOG machine! Huge low ends with all sorts of bells and whistles. I loved the morph patches too! But I cannot believe how fat and juicy the low end is!!! I am almost inclined to believe that ANALOG is what this machine was intended to do. It is like night and day compared to the emulative samples- in fact, it feels like a true analog synth with the Patchman programming. The morph patches are also great - for doing lush pads and stuff. I think I might get some use out of the ol' EWI3030m yet! You would not expect this kind of fatness from your average PCM sample synth. Bottom Line: This patch bank set is a *must have* if you intend to use the EWI3030m module in performance. My EWI3030m now is usable in public and I plan on using many of your analog emulations and morph patches."

"I was quite impressed with your efforts. Your analog patches are the BOMB! Whatever you did, it is now Faaaaaat Albert! Boogie on Reggae Women!!!! I mean HUGE! If folks only knew. Wayyyy better than the factory effort. Thanks for enabling me to use this beast! I now use Patchman analog patches almost exclusively - on my EWV2000 (no choice here!;-), VL1-m and now my EWI3030m. Thanks again - also, the installation was a breeze, thanks to your Mac Self Loader and your good documentation."

"I have already begun recording sessions with just the [Patchman Music] EWI3030m [soundbank] and my Lexicon reverb. On one slow tune, I used a modified version of '*Morph Lead 2' with just the 'Winwood' type wave and an adjusted key fade. The producer almost cried, it was so nice. The soprano sax sound, with the key fade set to about 55, and some 8-15 KHz post EQ, is something to salute and stand stiffly at attention for. Sounds nice with a piano player."

"Your analog emulations are simply amazing! It is just hard to believe that I am getting something this fat from a PCM synth!!!! It must be the filters... I mean, we are talking major JUICE - stuff I normally hear in Waldorf pulses and Nord leads... Akai was so asleep at the wheel on these factory presets! Nice work Patchman."

"I've been enjoying your EWI3030m patch set. They really put the factory patches to shame!"

"Just thought I should send you a note of thanks, for having created the new EWI3030m patches. Utilizing these with my EVI controller finally, I have to say, that your sounds make the EWI3030m unit usable. I had pretty much wrote off the module for any type of actual sound capabilities, just using it to allow the EVI to access MIDI, and kind of wishing that it would just go away. I can't believe the amount of expressiveness you have created for this module, and I actually enjoy listening to the EWI3030m module on it's own. I am currently planning on utilizing a lot of these sounds with my upcoming CD release titled 'YNot'. Thanks."

"Thanks again for your terrific programming and when I buy the VL70-m I'll order your patches for it."

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the EWI3030m patches. I am very glad I purchased them, as the sound is now much more palatable and offer more variety than those dry, factory settings. I have already started using them in the studio and have tested my live settup as I get ready to hit the road this summer. Keep me informed when you release a second volume!"

PATCHMAN MUSIC sound design creations and products can be heard throughout the world on TV and radio, on stage and in studio recordings with the finest talents in the music business including Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, Tom Scott, Bob Mintzer (Yellowjackets), Paul "Wix" Wickens (Paul McCartney's Keyboardist and Music Director), Jeff Kashiwa (The Rippingtons), Nyle Steiner, Mike Phillips (Stevie Wonder), Ricky Martin, Kirk Whalum, Courtney Pine, Everette Harp, Bobby Read (Bruce Hornsby), Fred Jackson (American Idol Band), Dave Mathews Band, Dino Soldo (Lionel Richie, Beyonce, Elton John, LeAnn Rimes, Tower of Power, Ray Charles), Edwin McCain, Freddie Ravel (Earth, Wind, & Fire), Andy Hamilton (George Michael, Duran Duran, Paul McCartney, Dexy's Midnight Runners), Michal Urbaniak (Miles Davis), Michael Bolton, Oscar Peterson, Norbert Stachel (Tower of Power), Jon Anderson (Yes), Manheim Steamroller, Jaared (Peter White), Ed Calle (Arturo Sandoval), Tim Cappello (Ringo Starr), Dianna Ross, Scott Kinsey, The Tonight Show Band, Korn, Lenny Price (Earl Klugh), Ron Blake (The Saturday Night Live Band, Christian McBride, Joey DeFrancisco), Simply Red, Hammer, Jeffrey Osborne, Mark Douthit, Rob Mounsey (Grammy nominated producer, arranger, synthesist for Michael Franks, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Donald Fagen), Luis Miguel, Brian Simpson, Frankie Vallie, Randy Crawford, Daryl Dragon (Captain & Tennille), Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra), Richie Havens, James Brandon (Mickey Gilley), Dan Preston (Luis Miguel), Paul Taylor, Jimmy Haag (Frank Sinatra, Buddy Rich, Wayne Newton), Ringling Brothers, The Berklee College of Music, The Eastman School of Music, Stephane Chausse (Michel Legrand), Gil Melle, and numerous other top professionals worldwide!

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