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Welcome to the
Matt Traum Matt Traum Wind Controller Page Matt Traum

This page contains information on EVI, MDT, and EWI4000s wind controller player Matt Traum, his instruments and gig rigs, and audio clips of his playing.

For booking arrangements or consulting projects, contact Matt at

Click logo to visit Matt's MySpace site: My Space Matt Traum

Matt TraumWho Is Matt Traum? Matt Traum

As some of you may know, Matt is the owner and sound designer at Patchman Music. He is also an avid brass-style wind controller collector, player, and authority on wind controllers especially the EVI and MDT brass-type wind controllers. Matt began playing the trumpet in 1973 inspired by trumpet legends Herb Alpert and Al Hirt. These days, the acoustic trumpet is mostly in the closet and he now dedicates his time to playing electronic versions of the trumpet.

Brecker Head

"Matt takes no prisoners on the EVI. He is comfortable in many settings using the AKAI EVI and the Steinerphone. His sounds and playing using the TURBO VL70-m are simply spectacular!" Michael Brecker, world renown saxophonist and EWI virtuoso

Matt TraumWhat's an EVI and MDT? Matt Traum

Matt Traum with Bob MintzerThe EVI, or Electronic Valve Instrument, is the invention of the great innovative electronic musical instrument designer and pioneer Nyle Steiner. The EVI can be thought of as an "electronic trumpet" though the sound you hear can be anything- a trumpet, a sax, a guitar, a string orchestra, or even a barking dog! The immense sonic potential of this instrument is literally unlimited.

Click the icon below for complete details on the amazing MIDI EVI.


Matt plays and helped design the MDT (Morrison Digital Trumpet) invented by Australian inventor / trumpeter / keyboardist Steve Marshall. Click the icon below for complete details on the MDT.


Matt has worked with Akai corporation in developing all of their recent ground breaking new electronic wind controllers (EWIs), Roland corporation in the development of their Aerophone line of wind controllers, the French company Aodyo in the development of their Sylphyo wind controller, and others. Matt has been on the design team as a consultant in the development of the Akai EWI SOLO, EWI5000, EWI4000s, and EWI USB, the Roland AE-30, AE-20, AE-10, AE-10G, AE-05, and AE-01 wind controllers, the Nyle Steiner MIDI EVI, Morrison Digital Instruments MDT, the Aodyo Sylphyo wind controller, the Berglund NuEVI and NuRAD, the JamBoxx, Robkoo R1, and other commercial and non-commercial products. In addition to helping in the development of these instruments, Matt adapted Nyle Steiner's EVI fingering system for many of them and consulted with these companies on how this was to be applied to those instruments while keeping true to Nyle Steiner's brilliant pioneering vision. The resulting "EVI Fingering Mode" for the Akai EWI SOLO, EWI5000, EWI4000s, EWI USB, Roland AE-30, AE-20, AE-10/AE-10G, AE-05, and AE-01, Berglund NuRAD, Robkoo R1, and Sylphyo wind controllers allows brass and EVI players to play these woodwind style instruments. So for the first time in history the same physical instrument can be played by both brass and woodwind players.

Click the icon below for complete details on the Roland Aerophones...

Roland AE-30, AE-20, AE-10 AE-10G, AE-05 AE-01

Click the icon below for complete details on the Akai EWI SOLO, EWI5000, EWI4000s, and EWI USB...


Matt is currently working on some very exciting new developments in the expressive electronic musical instrument field and he continues to be available for consulting work in this area.

To learn more about Matt's Wind Controller Gig Rig, click here.

Matt performs on Fox TV

Matt Legacy Village
Performing at Legacy Village, Cleveland, Ohio

Matt Traum at Berklee

Matt TraumMatt Traum NEWS Matt Traum

June 2005

Matt Traum is featured in an article about MIDI Controllers by Jim Aikin. Click here to check it out

Matt TraumMatt Traum Bio Matt Traum

Matt Traum and Nyle SteinerMatt started playing trumpet in 1973 and the EVI in 1989. He also plays bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, trombone, and sings.

Matt established Patchman Music, a world renowned sound design company that also specializes in supporting wind controllers. His clients comprise the very best in the music business.

His sound design work at Patchman Music can be heard throughout the world on TV, radio, on stage, and in studio recordings with the world's top wind controller stars and keyboardists including Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, Bob Mintzer (Yellowjackets), Tom Scott, Jeff Kashiwa (Rippingtons), Bobby Read (Bruce Hornsby), Everette Harp, Mike Phillips (Stevie Wonder), Nyle Steiner, Ricky Martin, Kirk Whalum, Courtney Pine, Fred Jackson (American Idol Band), Dave Mathews Band, Dino Soldo (Lionel Richie, Beyonce, Elton John, LeAnn Rimes, Tower of Power, Ray Charles), Edwin McCain, Freddie Ravel (Earth, Wind, & Fire), Andy Hamilton (George Michael, Duran Duran, Paul McCartney, Dexy's Midnight Runners), Michal Urbaniak (Miles Davis), Michael Bolton, Oscar Peterson, Norbert Stachel (Tower of Power), Jon Anderson (Yes), Manheim Steamroller, Jaared (Peter White), Ed Calle (Arturo Sandoval), Tim Cappello (Ringo Starr), Dianna Ross, Scott Kinsey, The Tonight Show Band, Korn, Lenny Price (Earl Klugh), Ron Blake (The Saturday Night Live Band, Christian McBride, Joey DeFrancisco), Simply Red, Hammer, Jeffrey Osborne, Mark Douthit, Rob Mounsey (Grammy nominated producer, arranger, synthesist for Michael Franks, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Donald Fagen), Luis Miguel, Brian Simpson, Frankie Vallie, Randy Crawford, Daryl Dragon (Captain & Tennille), Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra), Richie Havens, James Brandon (Mickey Gilley), Dan Preston (Luis Miguel), Paul Taylor, Jimmy Haag (Frank Sinatra, Buddy Rich, Wayne Newton), Ringling Brothers, The Berklee College of Music, The Eastman School of Music, Stephane Chausse (Michel Legrand), Gil Melle, and numerous other top professionals worldwide!

Matt Traum With Tom Scott

Matt can be heard on more than 11 albums and has performed with Doc Severinson, Gerald Wilson, Lou Marini Jr. (Blues Brothers sax player), The Les Elgart and Jimmy Dorsey Orchestras, Ron McCroby, The Cleveland Jazz Orchestra, The Hank Geer Trio, The Mark Gridley Trio, The Hank Marr Combo, The Exotic Birds, The Ohio State Jazz Ensemble, Joey Tomsick Orchestra, and members of the Cleveland Orchestra.

He has produced music for various musical artists and has also composed commercial music for clients such as Duro, Glidden, B.F. Goodrich, American Greetings, First Seneca Bank, Ameritrust, Ohio Bell, WUAB, Koenigs Sporting Goods, and The Cleveland Cavaliers. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Jazz and Commercial Music Composition from Ohio State University. He has taught music technology at Cuyahoga Community College (TRI-C) in Cleveland.

Matt was associate producer and sound designer and synth programmer on Andrew Batchelor's "Moments Edge" 1989 release on Tangent Records. The CD received excellent reviews by Billboard, CD Review, JazzTimes, etc., and extensive radio airplay.

Matt has dedicated many years to exploring and improving every aspect of wind synthesis and also educating others about wind controllers and helping them get set up with proper systems. Over the years he has helped develop and improve various wind controllers (including the Akai EWI4000s, EWI5000, EWI USB, and the MDT), professional quality wind controller sounds, wind controller "gig rig" systems, and wind controller performance techniques and mechanisms. For those interested in putting together a wind controller system, be sure to visit Matt's Gig Rig page.

Matt currently divides his time between his family, Patchman Music, and his Trio called Winelight where he plays the EVI, MDT and several other custom brass-style wind controllers.

Matt Traum with Steve Marshall

Matt TraumMatt Traum Media Matt Traum

Matt Traum With Bobby ReadMatt is the owner and chief sound designer at Patchman Music so obviously these clips feature his Patchman Music sound creations. Here are some mp3 audio tracks demonstrating Matt's work on the EVI. Visit often, as more clips will be added from time to time.

Below are some solo cuts lifted from recent LIVE studio recording of Matt's Trio. The Trio's performance was recorded live in the studio direct to Digital Performer.

Most of the sounds you hear on the clips below are UNEDITED TURBO VL70-m patches with additional studio effects added such as EQ, compression, and additional reverb. A few of the clips feature various analog EVIs from Matt's collection such as his Crumar EVI and Steinerphone EVI. The source of the sound is indicated in the descriptions below.

The Trio includes Ken Srail on keyboards/left hand bass, and Jeff Kennat on drums. More info on Matt's trio- Winelight.

Matt TraumFull Songs...

MorningDance (5.7 megs)

Winelight (7.5 megs)Matt Traum at Berklee MIDI EVI

EleanorRigby (5.2 megs)

WatermelonMan (9.1 megs)

Tangerine (8.2 megs)

Matt TraumSolo Clips...

MeditationSolo.mp3 (1.7megs). TURBO VL Joe Pass (& Patchman Akai S5000 MegaPiano)

BridgeOverSaxSolo.mp3 (780k). TURBO VL NY Alto

BridgeOverCrumarSolo.mp3 (1.4megs). Crumar EVI

GirlFromIpanemaSolo.mp3 (880k). TURBO VL TenorSax (& Patchman Akai S5000 MegaPiano)

SassySambaSolo.mp3 (1.3megs). TURBO VL TenorSax

StillCrazySolo.mp3 (820k). TURBO VL NY Alto

YourSongSolo.mp3 (952k). Crumar EVI

SunnySideSolo.mp3 (1meg). TURBO VL MBrecker (& Patchman Akai S5000 MegaPiano)

SaraSmileSolo.mp3 (2megs). TURBO VL Dist.Gtr + XV-5050 *DistGuit.

NorwegianWoodSolo.mp3 (700k) TURBO VL Branford

PegSolo.mp3 (1meg) TURBO VL NY Alto + EWV2000 *KOZ EWI

ThisMasqueradeSolo.mp3 (2.2megs) Crumar EVI

OnAClearDaySolo.mp3 (950k). TURBO VL Tenor Sax

IfIOnlyHadABrainSolo.mp3 (1.1megs) TURBO VL Tenor Sax

DontKnowWhySolo.mp3 (525k) TURBO VL Trombone

DesafinadoSolo.mp3 (2.2megs) TURBO VL Getz Tenor

OverTheRainbowSolo.mp3 (525k) TURBO VL Tenor Sax

Winelight - "If I Only Had a Brain" Live on Fox 8 In Cleveland

At left is a video clip of a performance by Matt's group Winelight on Fox 8 TV in Cleveland.

In this clip Matt is playing his modified Steiner / Crumar EVI

Matt Traum At The RitzMatt Traum Below is an arrangement Matt Traum did in 2001 of the Christmas classic "What Child Is This" for a CD project for Cleveland singer David Lynch. Matt produced, arranged, recorded, mixed, and performed all the remaining parts including (real) flugelhorn, EVI wind controller backing horns, piano, bass, and drums. The flugelhorn solo is an actual acoustic flugelhorn. All the other wind instruments that you hear (Bari Sax, Harmon Mute Trumpet, Trombone, etc...) are either a Yamaha VL1-m or Korg Triton with his custom wind controller sounds being played with an EVI wind controller. The bass is his own custom upright bass samples played via Sample Cell II on the Mac.

What Child Is This (6 megs) Arrangement / Recording ©2001 Matt Traum.

Matt Traum MDTMatt TraumHere is a live video of Matt playing the MDT (an instrument he helped develop). Matt is triggering the Yamaha VL70-m physical modeling sound module that has been upgraded with his Patchman Music TURBO VL upgrade chip for the VL70-m.


Matt Traum Below is a very early recording of Matt Traum on the EVI. In fact it may very well be the first recording of Matt on the EVI. This recording from November 7, 1989 was made approximately 5 weeks after the arrival of Matt's first EVI! Matt is playing the Akai EVI1000 / EWV2000 triggering an Oberheim Matrix-1000 via MIDI with a custom wind controller patch. This sound was later to be included in his Patchman Music Matrix-1000 Volume 1 soundbank. Though certainly not the greatest EVI performance by any means, it is nonetheless an interesting piece of history and it shows what a trumpet player can do in only 5 weeks with a little practice on a brand new instrument. Matt also composed the piece and played all the other parts as well...

New Day.mp3 (3.4 megs) Custom Matrix-1000 sound used for lead. ©1989 MattTraum

Matt Traum and Bill Bernardi Lyricon inventorMatt Traum Below is a live performance clip (recorded direct from the board at a gig) of Matt playing a solo on the Roy Orbison's "Blue Bayou". The sound is the Stevie! patch from the TURBO VL chip...

BlueBayouSolo.mp3 (500k) TURBO VL Stevie! Harmonica

Matt Traum Below is an original song called "Be With Me" written and recorded by Matt Traum in 2001. Matt played all the parts except for the acoustic guitar. Note that all the horn parts are played by Matt with a MIDI EVI wind controller. The sounds are from a Korg Triton with his custom wind controller patches...

BeWithMe.mp3 (4.2 megs) Various Sounds from Korg Triton ©2001 MattTraum

Matt Traum Below is an original song called "Electric India" written and recorded by Matt Traum in 1990. Matt composed, recorded, and performed all parts. The haunting lead is played on the Akai EVI1000 wind controller triggering a layer comprised of the Ensoniq ESQ-m and Oberheim Matrix-1000 modules both loaded with his Patchman Music wind controller soundbanks. Some overdubs were added several years later with a Kurzweil K2500...

ElectricIndia.mp3 (3.5 megs) Various Sounds from ESQ-m and K2500 ©1990 MattTraum

Matt Traum Below is an original song called "Gray Sand" written and recorded by Matt Traum in 1989. Matt composed, recorded, and performed all the parts. The haunting lead sound was played via the Akai EVI1000 wind controller triggering an Oberheim Matrix-1000 loaded with his Patchman Music Matrix-1000 wind controller soundbank...

GraySand.mp3 (2.8 megs) Lead sound from Matrix-1000 ©1989 MattTraum

St. Clements Lakewood OhioMatt Traum Hey, you gotta start somewhere! Have a good laugh on this one! Here is Matt's very first concert performance on cornet from fifth grade recorded around 1973. This piece called "The Young Genius" was recorded in the auditorium of Saint Clement's Grade School in Lakewood Ohio. Playing this piece with Matt is David Chambers also on the cornet. The pianist is unknown. The first solo is Matt, the second solo is David. God Bless Sister Monica Marie- Matt's first music teacher. She was a remarkable musician and human being. Thanks to David Chambers for the photo.

The Young Genius.mp3 (3.1 megs)

Matt TraumComments Matt Traum

Michael Brecker Patchman Music"Matt takes no prisoners on the EVI. He is comfortable in many settings using the AKAI EVI and the Steinerphone. His sounds and playing using the TURBO VL70-m are simply spectacular!"

Michael Brecker, world renown saxophonist and EWI virtuoso

Nyle Steiner Patchman Music"I have listened to the first two of your CD's and was quite impressed. I started listening to the first tune which was 'On A Clear Day' and waited a while for the sax to finish playing so I could listen to you play. It took a little while for me to realize that you were the sax."- Nyle Steiner, renown studio session musician and inventor of the EVI

Bob Mintzer Yellowjackets Patchman Music"Matt's programming of the new EWI4000s is right up there with his other programs for previous EWI's. The [EWI4000s] factory sounds are not very good. I use Patchman Music's sounds. They are far better than the factory sounds. Makes all the difference in the world. The patches are fat and expressive. I'm using several of them now. Matt Traum is the cat when it comes to EWIs and EVIs. He has a vast knowledge of the instruments, and most importantly, knows how to program patches that respond well and sound great. He's bailed me out more than once, and I've enjoyed using his sounds for a while now." - Bob Mintzer - World reknown recording artist, sax and EWI virtuoso, arranger, with the Yellowjackets

Judd Miller Patchman Music"Hi Matt, I listened to your album and like it. It's great to hear someone who has such command with the EVI. The accompanying players are very good also. And I like the sounds you've created. They have a lot of expression and sound really good. Maybe someday I'll order a VL70-m. Great playing." - Judd Miller, renown EVI recording artist, top-call movie / session musician

"I received your CD today. Sounds awesome." - Steve Marshall, Inventor of the MDT Morrison Digital Trumpet, Australia

Mark Hatch Patchman Music"Matt: I just finished listening to the Winelight CD featuring you on EVI... I'm now going directly to the practice room! Great job Matt. Having been challenged since 1980 by the EVI, I know what it takes to achieve the great technical command you have on the instrument. Let's see... master EVI player, great programmer and musician all rolled into one. Very impressive. The versatility of the group with only 3 pieces is great to. Thanks for sharing the CD with me. I really enjoyed hearing Winelight!" - Mark Hatch, EVI Pioneer

Mike Metheny Patchman Music"Hi Matt -- Many thanks for the CD! I'm enjoying it! As I listened to 'Winelight' featuring you on the EVI, I was immediately taken with your complete technical command of a tricky trumpet synth I've been trying to tame since 1983. Your range of expression and the total ease with which you get around the instrument is something to behold. My compliments to you, Ken and Jeff for a job well done! Thanks again, Matt. You're a helluva EVI player!" - Mike Metheny, Trumpet and EVI recording artist, instructor, author

Doug Norwine Patchman Music"Thanks Matt! I am up late tonight, excited to get the EWI. I have been listening to you on your website and on YouTube... man you play your @*&^ off, and your sounds are so damned great. It is an honor to call you my friend. You have taken the technology and the artistry to a new level... I mean that, too. Keep up the brilliant work... We who started at 'Kittyhawk' with the EWI are proud that you are now flying a 'Lear Jet'. Also, I am going to have to get the Yamaha chip for the VL70-m! All Best." - Doug Norwine, Pioneering EWI player, studio sax and EWI wizard (The "Real" Lisa Simpson Sax player), 12 Gold and Platinum records

Rolando Gingras Patchman Music"I enjoyed you're playing. Thanks for the CD, it's a pleasure to listen to you." - Rolando Gingras, EVI Player / recording artist- Santa Barbara, CA

"Hi Matt. I have wanted to let you know how excellent your work is. Your jazz chops are just so cool. You really have some taste and maturity in your playing and it's so cool. EVI players are rare of course, but ones I enjoy listening to at all are all the more rare... and you are in an even more exclusive group... a wind syntheist that can seriously swing for real. Such great stuff. I have listened to your music quite a bit. There's so much good in there but my favorite is what you do with the sawtooth simple analog wave on the Crumar. You totally know when to use the true analog and your inflection is INCREDIBLE. My wife and I listened to your CD in our car, cranked it up for a nice drive. For the longest time I was like... I think... this may be the VL.. but... And finally I knew but I must say... what an amazing emulation and performance. You really have learned how to program that VL and modulate it just right. Just excellent stuff. One of these days I'm going to need to buy one of your custom chips for my VL70-m. I needed to just let you know what a great artist you are. Thanks so much! Take Care!" - Mark Steiner, EVI player, nephew of EVI/EWI inventor Nyle Steiner

Matt Traum MIDI EVI"After the devastation of Hurricanes Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne I was left without electricity, water, and very little phone service for a couple of weeks. During the recovery period I received a nice present from Matt Traum, a CD of his music playing the EVI with a keyboard and drum player. Without electricity, I couldn't listen to it, but appreciated the gesture. Well, our power has been restored, so I put Matt's CD into the player, and I was delighted. The music is great, and Matt's EVI playing is wonderful. I've purchased CDs from major jazz artists that weren't this good. This is definitely world class music, and the wind synth playing is top notch." - Bob 'Notes' Norton, owner of Norton Music, Fort Pierce, FL

"Thank you for sending me a copy of your latest. It sounds damn impressive" - Andrew Batchelor, recording artist Tangent Records, Columbus, OH

"We were listening to this and we're floored. We love this little group. I think it's a wonderful group. I tell you, that kid Traum really, really has a handle on that instrument. Just really cool stuff." - Jerry Bruno, Jerry Bruno Productions Talent Agency, Cleveland, OH

"Thank you very much for the Winelight CD. Your playing is terrific. Nice work. Your treatment of the Beatles tunes are superb. Overall, a great 'Smooth Jazz' sound that should be very marketable. I thought you guys sounded very polished." - Steve Anderson, EVI Virtuoso, The EVI Zone

"I wouldn't drive across town to hear some of the better acts that come to Kalamazoo, but I would drive to Ohio to hear you. What a pleasant surprise to get your CD. You guys blow away groups with many more pieces. It is impossible to pick any one favorite. To me there isn't a single tune on the CD that isn't hot. Your keyboard player is phenomenal, and the drummer kicks. As a group you are one lean, hot and very tight musical machine. I would love to come and hear you live." - Bob Hunt, Endless Summer Band, Kalamazoo, MI

"I was so surprised and pleased to have your CD come along. It is a wonderful piece of work. I complement you. You three have a great ensemble sound. Your mastery of the instrument as well as the Jazz style is evident. I will listen often and enjoy what you have done. You are a model for me. Thanks for the CD." - Steve Ehrhardt, Saint Louis, MO

Matt TraumThe MIDI EVI FAQ Matt Traum

Matt Traum with Bob MoogQ. What is that thing that guy is playing?

A. Matt is playing an EVI, or Electronic Valve Instrument. It can be thought of as an "electronic trumpet". It is played much like an acoustic trumpet yet it can sound like anything. This rarely seen instrument was invented by Nyle Steiner and has been around in various forms since the late 1960's. The EVI, and its saxophone equivalent- the EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) has been used extensively in studios and movie/TV soundtracks. Inventor Nyle Steiner has played the EVI in the soundtracks of Apocalypse Now, The Color Purple, Dead Poets Society, Fatal Attraction, Ghost, Officer And A Gentleman, Police Academy III, Star Trek III, Knott's Landing, St. Elsewhere, Cagney and Lacy, Columbo, Dallas, Fantasy Island, Matlock, Quincy, & many others. Though you haven't SEEN it, you have heard it numerous times!

Q. If it's like a trumpet, why do I hear a saxophone?

A. The EVI doesn't make any sound itself, but rather it controls sounds stored in synthesizers contained in the box in front of Matt. These sounds, specially created by Matt, are stored as computer programs in the synthesizers. They enable him to sound like a sax, a trumpet, a complete big band, a harmonica, a guitar, a synthesizer, a dog barking, or ANY sound!

Q. How can it sound so real?

A. The sounds Matt has created are so advanced that they actually respond to his playing nuances, i.e., how hard he is blowing and tonguing, vibrato, pitch bends, etc. The resulting sounds are brighter or darker, louder or softer, just like a real acoustic instrument. The particular sounds you hear from his VL70-m synthesizer use the very latest physical modeling (PM) synthesis technology developed at Stanford and further refined by Yamaha. These sounds "sculpt" a model of a real instrument inside the synthesizer's computer. This instrument model actually responds to Matt's input the way the real physical instrument would. Matt developed these highly advanced sounds on a special "TURBO VL" chip which he sells commercially for the Yamaha VL70-m synthesizer. Matt plans to release a CD featuring the EVI in the near future.

Matt TraumLinks Of Special Interest Matt Traum

Matt Traum Gig Rig

Looking for the ultimate Wind Controller Rig?

Click here to read all about Matt's past and present Gig Rigs. Check these out to learn from a wind controller expert how you can put together a great wind controller rig for yourself!!

Matt developed and uses the PATCHMAN TURBO VL upgrade chip for the Yamaha VL70-m. Many of the sounds you hear in the above audio clips are from the TURBO VL chip. Click here for details.

Turbo VL Patchman Music

Wireless MIDI EVI Mod Patchman Music
Custom Modified Wireless MIDI EVI

Matt Gig
Matt Traum playing custom MIDI EVI

Click here for high resolution JPG image (500k)


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