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Apple ES2 ES-2 wind controller breath controlled sounds soundbanks patches programs library libraries Patchman MusicWindPlug Libraries for the Apple ES2 Softsynth

Online MP3 Demo Available! (See Below)

Patchman Music is proud to announce our all-new wind controller / breath controller WindPlug™ sounds for Apple's ES2 Analog Modeling Softsynth.

After more than a year of development, Patchman Music has released these brand new sounds for the Apple ES2 Analog Modeling softsynth specially designed to be controlled with a wind controller or breath controller. This new Patchman Music WindPlug™ Series soundbank was specifically designed and expertly programmed by professional wind controller player / master wind controller sound designer Matt Traum to be controlled with a wind controller such as the Akai EWI USB, Akai EWI4000s, Akai EWI5000, Berglund NuEVI / NuRAD, EVI, MIDI EVI, Roland Aerophone, Yamaha WX5, WX7, WX11, WindJamm'r, MDT, Berglund NuEVI, NuRAD, Aodyo Sylphyo, or Softwind Synthophone. These highly expressive sounds are also fantastic for keyboardists when used with a Yamaha BC1, BC2, or BC3a breath controller plugged into a keyboard equipped with a breath controller input, or plugged into a device such as the MIDI Solutions Breath Controller Box or the Anatek Wind Machine (out of production). These ES2 sounds load into the Apple ES2 softsynth on your computer- these sounds DO NOT load inside a wind controller.

Every sound has been fully optimized for use with a wind controller and breath controller. No further editing is needed. Just load up a sound from the WindPlug™ into Apple's ES2 Analog Softsynth in Logic or Mainstage (not included) and start playing your wind controller or breath controller with the wonderful expression you have come to expect from Patchman Music- the world leader in wind controller sound design. Our clients include the best in the business- Michael Brecker, Bob Mintzer (Yellowjackets), Tom Scott, Jeff Kashiwa (Rippingtons), Bobby Read (Bruce Hornsby), Mike Phillips (Stevie Wonder), etc...

If you thought high quality analog-quality breath response was not possible in a digital soft synth- think again! These are the amongst the finest wind controller sounds we have ever produced. Our beloved and departed friend Michael Brecker loved this Apple ES-2 synth and it was his CHOICE synth for his MIDI EWI. He used the ES2 softsynth extensively with his Steiner MIDI EWI on his final tours. Now YOU can enjoy the same level of expression he enjoyed!

You will be stunned at the beautiful smooth breath response and superb legato you will achieve with these sounds. The response and realism we have attained in this sound library is superb. These sounds are not triggered phrases or loops- these sounds virtual instruments each designed to be PERFORMED and CONTROLLED in realtime just like acoustic instruments with a wind controller or breath controller.

> > > IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS!!! All you need to use these sounds is Apple's ES2 synth and a wind controller or breath controller set up. (The current version of ES2 is recommended but it can be used all the way back to at least Logic Pro 7.2.3. The ES2 softsynth is included with the Apple Logic and MainStage packages). These sounds will NOT work with any other synth or soft synth. Apple Logic, MainStage, and the ES2 softsynth are NOT included with this soundbank. We do not sell Apple Logic, MainStage, or the ES2 softsynth. Email Matt at Patchman Music before ordering if you have any questions about using these soundbanks.

 Please Note: These soundbanks have been specially designed to be controlled with a wind controller or breath controller and thus require one of these devices for proper use. These sounds require breath controller data (MIDI continuous controller #2) in order to make any sound. If you do not have a wind controller or breath controller you will probably not be able to make use of these sounds.

WindPlug 1 (Wind Controller) for the Apple ES2 SoftSynth

Apple ES2 ES-2 wind controller breath controlled sounds soundbanks patches programs library libraries Patchman Music Apple ES2 ES-2 wind controller breath controlled sounds soundbanks patches programs library libraries Patchman Music Wind Controller #1 - Patchman Music WindPlug™ 1 for the Apple ES2 analog modeling softsynth contains 100 all-new analog modeling sounds specially optimized to respond to a wind controller or breath controller with full breath expression. These are completely new sounds with corresponding fully programmed patch parameters tweaked to respond correctly to your breath. WindPlug 1 contains a huge variety of classic analog timbres as well as a large helping of adventurous sounds fully controlled via your breath. Tonguing subtly controls the attack of the sound. Most of these sounds are programmed without vibrato so that the wind controller player can add vibrato via the bite sensor on the horn- just like on an acoustic horn. For keyboardists using a breath controller, we have included vibrato controlled via the mod wheel. The legato implementation is superb making these sounds incredibly fun and satisfying to play. This Patchman Music WindPlug™ is ready to be loaded into your ES2 softsynth and played. No user tweaking is needed. We've done all the work for you!

Apple ES2 ES-2 wind controller breath controlled sounds soundbanks patches programs library libraries Patchman Music $90 (USD). Email Delivery only.

WindPlug 1 Patches for the Apple ES2 Soft Synth

001 *2 Octaves and a 5th        051 *Modular Formant
002 *3 Squares 052 *Mondo FM
003 *4ths Saws 053 *Moog Bass 1
004 *Arp Attack 054 *Moog Bass 2
005 *Badass Lead 055 *Muted Lead and Bass
006 *Bend Me 056 *Nasal Noise
007 *Brecker EWI Steinerphone 057 *Nasty Formant Lead
008 *Brecker EWI Sync Lead 058 *Noise Lead
009 *Brecker Sentimental Lead 059 *Noise Saw
010 *Breckerish Chord 1 060 *OB Flute
011 *Breckerish Chord 2 061 *Oberheim Brass
012 *Chopper Mod 062 *Octaver
013 *Chorus Flute Synth 063 *Phasey
014 *Clarinet 064 *Phat Stabber
015 *Crumar EVI Double 065 *Phat
016 *Crumar EVI Saw 066 *Plucked Bell
017 *Crumar EVI Square 067 *Pulsar
018 *Cyclops 068 *Recorder
019 *Dark Brass 069 *Regal 4ths
020 *Destroyer 070 *Reso Distorted Rock 5th
021 *Drone 5ths!! 071 *Reso Noise
022 *Drone Pipes in 5ths 072 *ResoBass
023 *EVI Saws 4ths 073 *Reverse Mod
024 *EWI Saw 074 *Ring Leader
025 *Fat Lead 075 *Rock Bell
026 *Fazer Formant 076 *Rock Lead
027 *Flutasynth Wobble 077 *Shimmer Lead
028 *Flute Lead 078 *Sidebander
029 *FM Brass 079 *Soft Sync Lead
030 *FM Drone Ring Formant 080 *Spitter
031 *FM Guitar 081 *Spread Spectrum
032 *Formant and Drone 082 *Square
033 *Formanta 083 *Step Ahead
034 *Four Octaves 084 *Street Kick and Tom
035 *Funky Plucker 085 *Sub Octaver
036 *Fusion 086 *SuperMod
037 *Futura 087 *Sweet Analog EVI
038 *Gibralter 088 *Sync Formant
039 *Grunge Bass 089 *Syncohol
040 *India Lead 090 *The Singing Filter!
041 *Iron Barrel 091 *Tonguer
042 *Judd Lead 092 *Trigger Sync Lead
043 *Kinsey Lead 093 *TX FM Lead
044 *Lyle Lead 094 *Unison Matrix Lead
045 *Massive Unison 095 *Vangelis
046 *Matrix 5ths 096 *Vector Lead
047 *Meeny EWI 097 *Vocalis
048 *Mega Bass 098 *Wide Lead
049 *Megasaw 099 *Xpander!!
050 *Mellow Flute 100 *Zawinul

Apple ES2 ES-2 wind controller breath controlled sounds soundbanks patches programs library libraries Patchman MusicWindplug 1 ES2 Audio Demo (12.5megs) Click on the speaker to download a high quality, 8 minute MP3 audio demo of this amazing soundbank. Most of the sounds in this soundbank are recorded in this extended demo starting from the top of the list to the end. This demo was recorded directly into Logic from just one instance of the ES2 softsynth with a little reverb added to fill in the sound. These clips were played with a wind controller by Matt Traum. Audio Demo Help

Formats: This soundbank is emailed as a zipped file. Unzip the file and you will find a folder with the soundbank files as well as a text help file. Yes, these soundbanks can be emailed anywhere in the world! To order, lease use the PayPal button above. Please note that in order to use these sounds you must already own the Apple ES2 Softsynth that is included with Apple's Apple Logic and MainStage packages. We do not sell Apple products. Please visit an Apple dealer or for details on how to buy and download Apple Logic or MainStage first.

wind controller sounds for Apple ES2 ES-2 Logic Pro MainStage Main Stage Studio breath controller patches soundbanks native instruments from Patchman Music User Comments...

Pioneering EVI Player & Member of Blood Sweat & Tears, Bruce Cassidy Comments...

"Hey Matt, Just spent a couple of hours going through your new ES2 patches. I've been playing the EVI for 34 years and these are the most exciting sounds I've heard! There is an immense amount of subtlety and power here - everything from the sublime to the bizarre. Combined with the power of the plug-ins in Logic the options floor me and I may start taking my lap-top to gigs. I will certainly take these sounds to recording gigs and, of course, I'll use them daily in my studio. Thank you for the amazing musical programming work! Bruce." - Bruce Cassidy - Pioneering EVI player and Music Director and Trumpeter with Blood Sweat & Tears. Bruce made one of the very first commercial recordings of the EVI with Blood Sweat and Tears on their "Nuclear Blues" Album.

wind controller sounds for Apple ES2 ES-2 Logic Pro MainStage Main Stage Studio breath controller patches soundbanks native instruments from Patchman Music

Pioneering EVI Player & EWI consultant to Michael Brecker and Akai, Sam Zambito Comments...

"A couple of weeks ago I purchased the Patchman ES2 collection for Logic or Mainstage users... This is a great collection of really usable patches. I've been using Mainstage as the core of my system for years. I use many of the Logic soft synths with ES2 being one of my favorite. In addition, I use the VL70-m Turbo and REASON as my core system for general live performance. I would strongly encourage any Logic users to get these sounds as soon as possible... If you are not a Logic you have an excellent reason to consider this powerful, reliable product." - Sam Zambito - Pioneering EVI player/EWI consultant to Michael Brecker and Akai

wind controller sounds for Apple ES2 ES-2 Logic Pro MainStage Main Stage Studio breath controller patches soundbanks native instruments from Patchman Music

"Hey Matt! Just finished playing through all 100 patches of the 'ES2 Patchman Volume 1', fun stuff! Installation was a breeze, I'm running Logic Pro version 8 and had no problem loading the bank. Lots of variety and great selection of sounds, very useful stuff. It was wonderful to hear these rich, creamy sounds coming out of a software plugin! I'm looking forward to spending more time with each patch to really appreciate how well these sounds respond to the expressive control of the EWI. I guess that's what really impresses me, you can get so much mileage out of a single patch, the sound is so organic and responsive to how you play it. Makes playing fun! Thanks so much and keep up the good work! Best regards." - Dave Tipton - EWI4000s/Chapman Stick Artist

"Dear Matt, My name is Itai Weissman and I'm an EWI player living in the Netherlands. For the last couple of years I've been focusing my work on the EWI and I came out with several different albums with my own projects. The reason why I write to you is to share with you my new project, an EWI trio band that will release its first EP coming November. I've always been a Patchman fan and bank user and on this recording I'm using the EWI4000s Vol. 1 together with the ES2 WindPlug banks. I would like to dedicate this work to you and your guys at Patchman Music for the wonderful work you are doing. Best." - Itai Weissman

"Hi Matt, Wow!!! I just loaded and tried your new Apple Logic sound bank. It sounds incredible! I haven't even put effects on yet and I can't believe how good and responsive the sounds are. I had just about given up on the WX5 and was thinking of going to an EWI. This is exactly what I was looking for. Now, I think I need to add a Midi wireless to my setup. Thanks Matt!!"

"Hi Matt, I just wanted to say thanks. I got the ES2 sound bank from you a few days ago and they really sound and play great! They are really smooth and responsive to the breath control, and there's a sound for every occasion there. Lots of variety and textures to choose from, and that's the problem - so many great sounds that it's hard to choose just one! I love the Brecker inspired ones especially. I wanted to play through the patches to just get an idea of what was in there, and once I started playing one I had to keep playing it. It took me over six hours to play through them all I was having so much fun! Thanks again. Best Regards"

"Hi Matt, I hope this message finds you well. Thank you! So far I have acquired your Apple ES2 sound banks - they sound amazing and most of all they make a huge difference to the pleasure of playing the Yamaha WXs, so thanks a lot for your hard work, your sounds make me really happy! All the best."

"The Brecker stuff is sublime. :-) Thanks."

"Hi Matt, I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on the ES2 sound bank. You just increased the value of my AE-10 by orders of magnitude. While the sounds in the AE-10 are really good, the Patchman patches are very expressive and I feel like I have so much more control on the sound with the ES2 and your sound bank. Also thank you for your dedication to all things wind controller and all the experience you bring to the table. Thanks again for a great product! It's all working as documented and expected. The patches in the set are AWESOME!"

"Matt's patches are my go to for use in Mainstage! His ES2 patches are definitely worth it!! If you are willing to make the investment in getting the synths, his Thor and Mono/Poly patches are excellent, as well. I think I use Thor more than anything else. If you lean towards analog synth sound you will end up with more sounds than you will know what to do with!"

"Hi Matt, Thanks for the incredible ES2 patches. Great job! Best regards from Switzerland."

"Hi, I just got this and I love the sounds. Thanks!"

"Hey Matt! Really enjoying the Thor and ES2 soundbanks. They sound incredible and are a lot of fun to play. Thank you."

"Wow! I love these sounds."

"Hi Matt, Recently purchased the Turbo chip for the VL70m and have to say absolutely amazing. I'm sure I'm repeated what many users have said but had to chime in. It doesn't get much more expressive. Also purchased the ES2 sounds and, again, absolutely amazing! The expressiveness in incomparable. Incredible work! Thanks aren't enough!"

"Hi Matt, Thank you so much, these sounds are wonderful and work so well with my WX7 in MainStage. I shall definitely be coming back for more. Kindest regards."

"If you have a Mac buy Mainstage 2 and get Patchman's ES2 patches. Changes everything. Beautiful sound. Much better than the Aria and in another league."

"I can attest to the quality of Matt's ES2 patches. Honestly they play better than his patches for the 4000s. Extremely responsive and fluid, and if you already own an EWI and Logic, you'd really be missing out by not buying them."

"The Logic ES2 sounds are typical of Matt's programming... smooth and highly playable."

"Thanks Matt. I am particularly impressed with the ES2 set. I've never managed to get anything that responsive out of the ES2 before. Haven't been able to put down the WX7 all day :) Cheers."

"Brilliant Matt. They all sound great! You are a programming fool!"

PATCHMAN MUSIC sound design creations and products can be heard throughout the world on TV and radio, on stage and in studio recordings with the finest talents in the music business including Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, Tom Scott, Bob Mintzer (Yellowjackets), Paul "Wix" Wickens (Paul McCartney's Keyboardist and Music Director), Jeff Kashiwa (The Rippingtons), Nyle Steiner, Mike Phillips (Stevie Wonder), Ricky Martin, Kirk Whalum, Courtney Pine, Everette Harp, Bobby Read (Bruce Hornsby), Fred Jackson (American Idol Band), Dave Mathews Band, Dino Soldo (Lionel Richie, Beyonce, Elton John, LeAnn Rimes, Tower of Power, Ray Charles), Edwin McCain, Freddie Ravel (Earth, Wind, & Fire), Andy Hamilton (George Michael, Duran Duran, Paul McCartney, Dexy's Midnight Runners), Michal Urbaniak (Miles Davis), Michael Bolton, Oscar Peterson, Norbert Stachel (Tower of Power), Jon Anderson (Yes), Manheim Steamroller, Jaared (Peter White), Ed Calle (Arturo Sandoval), Tim Cappello (Ringo Starr), Dianna Ross, Scott Kinsey, The Tonight Show Band, Korn, Lenny Price (Earl Klugh), Ron Blake (The Saturday Night Live Band, Christian McBride, Joey DeFrancesco), Simply Red, Hammer, Jeffrey Osborne, Mark Douthit, Rob Mounsey (Grammy nominated producer, arranger, synthesist for Michael Franks, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Donald Fagen), Luis Miguel, Brian Simpson, Frankie Vallie, Randy Crawford, Daryl Dragon (Captain & Tennille), Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra), Richie Havens, James Brandon (Mickey Gilley), Dan Preston (Luis Miguel), Paul Taylor, Jimmy Haag (Frank Sinatra, Buddy Rich, Wayne Newton), Ringling Brothers, The Berklee College of Music, The Eastman School of Music, Stephane Chausse (Michel Legrand), Gil Melle, and numerous other top professionals worldwide!

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