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Akai EWI Akai EWI4000s Akai EWI
MIDI Wind Controller Info Page

Akai EWI 4000s at Patchman Music

Click Banner to buy your Akai EWI from THE Wind Controller Experts

Akai EWI. Patchman Music is proud to announce the Akai EWI4000s MIDI Wind Controller. This wind controller from Akai is one of the most exciting advancements in the area of MIDI wind controllers to come along in years. Needless to say Patchman Music sells, supports, and repairs the Akai EWI 4000s in the USA. Buy your Akai EWI 4000s here.

Now with OS Version 2.4! All new EWIs purchased from Patchman Music include OS Version 2.4 (or later) pre-installed, calibrated, and tested! Version 2.4 and later operating systems also includes a special EVI Fingering Mode designed for brass and EVI players by Patchman Music's own Matt Traum! Now for the first time ever, woodwind players and brass players can play the SAME INSTRUMENT simply by selecting the appropriate fingering system. Click here for complete details. Version 2.4 also now includes Flute and Oboe fingering options as well! Download the EWI4000s Version 2.4 Complete User Reference Manual from the link below.

The Akai EWI-4000s offers many ground breaking new features to the EWI such as battery power, MIDI IN and MIDI OUT jacks directly on the instrument, Octave and Hold modes, and a BUILT-IN Analog Modeled Synth with digital effects! Yes, that's right- you can now just plug in a pair of headphones and play anytime, anywhere. No longer is an external sound module required! Of course the EWI4000s can still be used with external MIDI synths via the MIDI OUT jack. Patchman Music offers numerous wind controller soundbanks and patches that can be used with the EWI4000s. We are very excited about this new windsynth controller and we know you will be as well.

If you are interested in purchasing a new Akai EWI4000s, contact Matt and The Wind Controller Experts at Patchman Music to order. Click here for details.

Patchman Music

Akai EWI EWI4000s Downloads, Files, Resources Akai EWI

Steve Tavaglione EWI4000s Patchman MusicAkai EWI EWI4000s MIDI wind controllerListen to the incredible new Patchman Music EWI4000s Volume 1 soundbank

Akai EWI4000s Click here to download the Complete EWI4000s Version 2.4 User Reference Manual

Video of Steve Tavaglione playing the EWI4000s with the Kontakt softsynth

Video of Bob Mintzer playing the EWI4000s with the YellowJackets

Video of Jeff Kashiwa playing the EWI4000s with a Boss Looper Pedal

Download the latest EWI4000s OS, Software, PDF manuals, and manual addendums from Akai here

Akai EWI4000s UniQuest EWI4000s Mac OSX 10.4.8 Fix Instructions .pdf
Instructions for uninstalling UniQuest and reinstalling via the 1.01 installer (available below)

UniQuest EWI4000s v1.01 Installer for Mac OSX (40.2 megs)
This newer Mac OS version of the EWI4000s Editor fixes the installation problem for OS X10.4.8 users. Also see new editors below!

EWI4000s Factory Bank
If you want to re-load the factory sounds into your EWI4000s, here they are in .BNK format for the EWI4000s Editor (zipped file).

NEW EWI4000s EDITORS Akai has released new versions of the EWI4000s editors. These have been re-written to work with Intel Macs (OS X 10.4.x) and newer Windows XP and Vista OS systems (also can run on Win 2k). Look for the "Vyzex" files.

Akai EWI EWI4000s Description Akai EWI

Akai EWI 4000s at Patchman MusicThe Akai Professional EWI4000S is a newly designed electronic wind controller. This expressive musical instrument incorporates several improvements in the development of MIDI / Synth instrument capabilities.

The EWI4000S windsynth has many of the long sought after controls and functions that are necessary for expressive performance. While these benefits have been proven by its predecessors, the EWI offers these features at a much lower price. There are several improvements to the design as well, such as having a built-in sound module, direct MIDI IN and Out, and other updated operating functions. These features make playing the EWI4000S easier than any other electronic wind instrument.

With the sound module and the instrument integrated into one product, players no longer need to be tethered to a sound module. By using MIDI and audio wireless transceivers, EWI-4000S players can move freely on the stage as they play. The user can easily switch between programs on the EWI4000S directly with a dedicated Program selection button, or use the note keys to select stored patches.

Brass players as well as woodwind players can now enjoy playing the same instrument! The Akai EWI4000s is the first wind instrument in history to be playable by both woodwind and brass players. The EWI4000s features the innovative EVI fingering system designed for the EWI by Patchman Music's Matt Traum. And now, as of OS Version 2.4, the EWI4000s includes Flute and Oboe fingerings as well.

The internal sounds of the EWI4000S are based on a virtual analog synth sound module that is very responsive to the player's nuance. And Patchman Music's upgraded sounds are even better. With easily accessible controls for breath, vibrato, glide time, and bend width, users can adjust the settings of the EWI4000-S to their specific playing style. You can send multiple MIDI messages via breath control to send expression and aftertouch control messages.

The EWI4000S offers some new performance control features as well, such as the Octave Key. When you activate the Octave mode, you get an automatic doubling of notes one octave below the note you are playing. There is also a Hold Mode, which holds a note that you select- enabling you to solo around that note. This is the first EWI with sostenuto capability!

Jeff Kashiwa EWI4000s Patchman MusicBesides being a great wind controller, you also get a first-rate synthesizer. The EWI4000S wind synthesizer has new synthesis features that were not available on previous EWI's. The internal analog modeling synth has two voltage-controlled oscillators (sawtooth, triangle, square with pulse width waveforms) with individual volume control. The voltage-controlled filter has a feature that allows you to change from 2 to 4 pole filters.

The EWI4000S's new noise generator and a dedicated Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF) add more realism to your playing, emulating breath noise.

The EWI4000S has a new sweep function, which works more effectively than a typical envelope generator. As you change the force of your playing, the sweep parameter will alter the shape of the sound. The synth contained inside has a LFO (low frequency oscillator) specifically for the voltage controller filter modulation. This LFO affects vibrato as you use the bite sensor. The EWI4000S also has built-in effects, a first for Akai EWI products, such as Reverb, Chorus, and Delay to thicken or double-up your solos.

Since it would difficult to put all the knobs and buttons on the EWI-4000 that are needed to adjust the various parameters, the EWI4000S ships with a computer editor program to allow users to customize their sounds ahead of time for live performance. This editor ships standard in both Windows and Mac versions. All of your edited Programs can be stored inside the EWI4000S, so you can recall your settings instantly during your performance.

The EWI4000S is Akai's new, state-of-the-art Electronic Wind Controller. This one of a kind instrument contains an industry first internal sound source. With multiple functions previously unavailable to wind players, the EWI4000S windsynth pushes the envelope of MIDI / Synth capabilities and is available at an affordable price.Akai EWI 4000s at Patchman Music

Akai EWI Applications/Customers

Live and Studio Performance
Electronic Woodwind and Brass Players

Akai EWI Dimensions And Weight

26.39" (L) x 1.73" (W) x 2.71" (H). Weight with battery: 2.13 lbs

Akai EWI Key Features

Touch sensitive keys and octave rollers for quick responsive playing

Traditional EWI, Sax, Flute and Oboe Fingerings

Optional EVI Fingering Mode for Brass / EVI players designed by Patchman Music's own Matt Traum!

Sensitive breath sensor for expressive dynamics

Built-in Analog Modeling Synth sound module

Chorus, Delay, and Reverb effects built-in. ALL can be on at the same time!

Built-in MIDI IN and MIDI OUT for use with external MIDI sound modules

PC and Mac Editor software included for editing internal sounds

Lightweight, portable design with battery power

Akai EWI EWI4000s MIDI wind controllerThe latest OS adds new features. Click here for details.

Akai EWI Comparison to the EWI3020 / EWI3000 Controllers

As you can see in the image below, the EWI4000s FEELS almost identical to the EWI3020 and EWI3000 controllers. The distance between keys and hands is practically the same. Additional length in the end of the horn is added for the batteries and new features.

Akai EWI4000s at Patchman Music

EWI4000s Specifications


Analog Modeling Synth
Preset Sounds with 2 VCO + 2 VCF, Dual Voice Analog Modeling
Basic direct editing capability on the EWI4000S. PC and Mac editing software included for extensive sound editing

EFFECTSEWI4000S Patchman Music

Chorus, Delay, Reverb


2 Digit, 7 Segment LED Program Display
Shows program number when the Program Change sensor is touched
HOLD key for playing second note while sustaining first note


1/4" phone jack: unbalanced
Headphone Output: 1/8" stereo jack
AC Adaptor input for optional AC Adaptor
Cable Holder to prevent cables from slipping off the EWI4000S during performance


Battery powered using 4 AA batteries
Optional AC Adaptor (included with the Patchman Music EWI4000s Pro Pack)

Akai EWI4000s FAQ

Q. Where can I hear the new Akai EWI 4000S?

A. The stock sounds are passable, but if you want to hear what the EWI4000s is REALLY capable of, download this 4 minute MP3 audio demo (3.8megs) of the Patchman Music Volume 1 EWI4000s soundbank. This demo takes the EWI4000 to a whole new level of playability, dynamic response, and timbral variation. The demo showcases over 35 of the 100 new sounds from the soundbank recorded direct from the EWI4000s audio out. Complete information on this soundbank is here.

Q. What is the difference between the new EWI4000S and previous Akai EWI products?

A. There are many similarities between the EWI4000S and its predecessor the EWI3020. The biggest difference is that the EWI4000S doesn't require an external sound module. All of the components such as the synth, MIDI input and output, and audio output are built-in on the EWI4000S.

Q. Are there internal sounds in the EWI4000S?EWI4000s Editor Patchman

A. Yes, the EWI4000S has a built-in analog modeling synthesizer that was developed to be responsive to an electronic wind instrument.

Q. Can I edit the sounds of my EWI4000S on a computer?

A. Yes, and then you can save the settings into the EWI4000S's memory for instant recall. You can also upgrade the sounds with these.

Q. How many sounds are in the EWI4000s?

A. The EWI4000S holds 100 patches internally. All 100 patches are user editable.

Q. What factory patches are included in EWI4000s?

A. There is a list of the factory patches here.

Q. How can I upgrade the sounds in the EWI4000s?

A. Patchman Music offers an all-new professional quality soundbank for the Akai EWI4000. Click here for complete details and an audio demo. This soundbank takes the EWI4000s to a completely new level. These same sounds have been used by EWI and Sax great Bob Mintzer for many years in live performance and Grammy winning recordings with the Yellowjackets!

Q. Can I use my computer and external MIDI modules with the EWI4000S?Bob Mintzer EWI4000s Patchman Music

A. Yes, the EWI4000S can be used to trigger MIDI modules directly. By adding a USB to MIDI converter, you can control sounds in your computer directly from the EWI using the instrument's MIDI output. For highly realistic sounds, we recommend adding a Yamaha Motif-Rack XS module available here. For a list of other MIDI modules that work well with a wind controller (when appropriate patches are loaded in) see the Patchman Music Wind Controller Soundbanks Page.

Q. What is the price of the Akai EWI4000S? When can I get one?

A. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $999 US but Patchman Music sells them discounted and professionally calibrated here.

Q. Can I use the the EWI4000S with my current MIDI sound modules?

A. Yes simply by using the built in MIDI OUT on the EWI4000s. Patchman Music offers numerous soundbanks designed for use with wind controllers such as the EWI4000S. Click here for details. Patchman Music also offers an amazing new soundbank specifically designed for the EWI4000s.

Q. Can I use the the EWI4000S with older Akai EWI sound modules?

A. Absolutely! You can connect the EWI4000S to other MIDI synths via its MIDI OUT jack as described above (except the EWV2000 which does not have a MIDI IN jack). The EWI4000s does not have a CV output jack. The older EWI sound modules are no longer in production.

Q. I am a Brass / EVI player. Can I play the EWI4000S?

A. Yes! The Akai EWI 4000s includes an innovative new EVI brass-style fingering mode designed by EVI player Matt Traum. For the first time in history, both woodwind AND brass players can play the same wind instrument with totally different fingering systems simply by changing one parameter! The brass-style EVI fingering mode lets EVI and brass players play the EWI4000s with minimum effort. Click here for complete details.

Q. I am a Flute / Oboe player. Can I play the EWI4000S?

A. Yes! As of OS Version 2.4, the Akai EWI4000s now includes Flute and Oboe fingering options. More musicians than ever before can now play the same wind instrument with totally different fingering systems simply by changing one parameter!

Q. What if I don't want to use the internal synth and just control my MIDI synths via MIDI?

A. Simple, just don't plug anything into the 1/4" Out or Headphone jack. Doing this will disable the internal synth and also extend the battery life. The EWI's MIDI output is still active and the instrument can be used as a standard MIDI wind controller.

Q. Can I go wireless with the Akai EWI4000s?

A. Yes. There are two ways to go- AUDIO wireless or MIDI wireless. Yes it is possible to do one or both at the same time. Each type requires the proper hardware. If you simply want to send the audio signal from the EWI4000s built-in internal synth, then you can use any standard voice or guitar type wireless system. If you want to send the MIDI signal wirelessly through the air to control MIDI synths remotely, then you will need a wireless MIDI device such as the highly recommended Midi Jet Pro USB. Avoid cheap wireless MIDI systems- they only cause problems!

MIDI Wireless!

MidiJet Pro Patchman Music

Go Wireless!!

If you wish to control other synths with the Akai EWI4000s yet maintain your freedom and not use wires, check out the new MidiJet Pro USB Wireless MIDI system available from Patchman Music! Michael Brecker loved it and so will you. We've tested it with our wind controller systems. We use it! We sell it! Click here for details

Customer Comments

"I would enthusiastically encourage you to deal with Matt at Patchman- he is a great musician and a very reliable businessman. No other company could match his customer support." - Sam Zambito Mechanical Soul, Pioneering EVI player and EWI programmer for Michael Brecker

"Matt at Patchman music has done it again! Being a Yamaha WX7 player for many years since the instrument came out I always shied away from taking on the learning curve of the EWI. However, after hearing Matt's incredible sound bank for the new EWI4000 and realizing I could play it all without carrying a tone generator straight from the instrument I called and purchased one. I have never been happier and continue to enjoy Matt's wonderful service expertise and support! Thanks again Matt!" - Mike Parlett - Sax/EWI/WX w/George Duke

"Well, Matt. Here I sit a few hours after receiving the EWI from you. I have peed myself, cr*pped my pants, and I am still giggling like a schoolgirl. The EWI arrived on time and undamaged. I had it fired up in a matter of minutes and was on my way. No adjustments were needed and the patches sound great. It will take some time to figure out it's quirky playing nuances and the MIDI programming, but I am already a lot further ahead than where I thought I would be. Thank you SO MUCH for making this such an easy experience! I have been through gear acquisition nightmares before and I was REALLY nervous about this one. Since half the cost of this instrument was my birthday gift, my Dad asked who this guy was we would be purchasing it from. As he is an old hot-rodder and racer, I told him not to worry. 'This guy is the Carroll Shelby of EWIs' was my exact quote. Of course, I had no idea if that was the situation. But at least it put his mind to rest. Now I know that bold statement was true. You truly rock, man. I hope for your continued success. When I am ready for the Turbo 70, I'll let you know. Your very happy customer."

"Matt- Just a quick note of thanks. This is the BEST investment I've made in a long time! Continued success and I'll be sure to send students and colleagues to you."

Ron Blake, sax / EWI player for The Saturday Night Live Band, Roy Hargrove, Art Farmer, Christian McBride

Ron Blake Patchman Music

 EVI Zone
Click image to visit Erik's cool wind controller website

EWI Player Erik Klein Comments...

"Matt, thank you so much for hooking me up with this perfect EWI4000s wireless rig. I sincerely appreciate all the effort you put into packing & super fast shipping and making sure everything works out of the box. I just took the EWI out of this most excellent(!) ProTec Case, popped in some batteries, plugged it into my amp, turned it on, and played. It was setup perfectly and every patch rocks! Of which I am sooo thankful...! I remember my first three EWIs and the countless hours spent tweaking horrible factory presets. I don't have time for that anymore! Seriously, this EWI4000s rig, tweaked by you, is priceless. :) OMG! You are right about the breath sensor! It's sooo sensitive. wow! I'm having so much fun articulating like never before. :) EWI is my first love. I've been away like 15 years, and my chops are so rusty, but I'm inspired and they're coming back... :) It is unbelievable the amount of PHatness coming out of the EWI4000... and from 4 AA batteries!!! How is that possible? lol I'm envisioning a new rig... :) I'm going to use both EWI & Synthophone w/MIDIJet. Then downsize my 8-space to a 6-space with the Fantom, VL, VF, MOTU & mixer. Matt, I can't thank you enough for hooking me up!!!! The EWI is some much needed therapy right now :) - Sincerely, Erik" - Erik "RoboSax" Klein, EWI/Synthophone Performer

"pps-> oh yeah, the MIDIJet works great, too! woo-hoo! soooooo much fun :) ;)"

"I absolutely LOVE this thing!! VERY well built, and it just feels like such a quality, solid piece of gear. And it is every bit as responsive as the original, if not a bit more so. I'm extremely happy with my decision to purchase one from you, and very glad that you're around to answer questions. Many thanks."

"You want hassle-free? Matt just hooked me up with, imo, a hassle-free EWI4000s rig. No kidding, I just took the EWI out of this most excellent(!) ProTec Case, popped in some batteries, plugged it into my amp, turned it on, and played. It was setup perfectly and every patch rocks! Of which I am sooo thankful...! I remember my first three EWIs and the countless hours spent tweaking horrible factory presets. I don't have time for that anymore! Seriously, this EWI4000s, tweaked by Patchman, is priceless. :)"

"Matt, My EWI4000s came in Monday and I am thrilled. I haven't been able to put it down and my saxophones are suffering. The EWI exceeded my expectations in every way, I'm going to have to pick up a VL70-m pretty quick now. Thank you for the great service, quick shipping, and awesome product."

"Hello Matt, I just wanted to let you know I received my EWI yesterday evening and it was in perfect condition, no problems at all! Everything was in the box and complete. I am totally amazed by this instrument. It is so versatile! I also would like to say that this was a wonderful customer service experience, the smoothest ever. Thank you. I plan on enjoying this for a long time to come. Thanks again."

"Matt, got my EWI a few days ago, and haven't put it down since! Thanks so much for the extremely friendly customer service! I never really was very good with electronics before, but it was so simple to get it setup and ready to play! Thanks again for everything."

"Hey Matt. I bought an EWI from you recently and just wanted to give you some feedback. It's all good. What a wonderful instrument this is! And your sounds- are absolutely first rate. The EWI is an extremely expressive instrument. Great vibrato, pitch bend up/down, glide function- all so expressive. Anyway, I just wanted to be sure to thank you for a great product and great service. I expect before too much longer I will be buying another EWI as a backup. I'm a jazz player but with the EWI I'm now rehearsing with a classical flute player with the North Carolina Symphony. Very exciting for me- new music, new venues. My first exposure to wind controllers was in Boston in 1975 when I was teaching at Berklee. Saw a Lyricon in a music store and thought 'man- what a great idea'. Now I'm sitting here with this new EWI- it has come so far! Fantastic- Thanks again Matt."

"Matt, I got the Akai 4000s with your Vol. 1 soundbank. Absolutely F'n awesome. That's all I have to say. Thank you for all of your help with everything. It's nice to know that there are still people out there that still care about their customers."

"Thanks Matt. I have been so happy with the EWI4000s you sold me in August, can't stop playing it. Your soundbanks are truly amazing, God bless you! Happy New Year!"

"Hey Matt! Thanks so much for the very fast delivery and Patchman bundle of the Akai EWI4000s that I ordered from Patchman. Everything came as ordered and I'm having a blast messing around with this great instrument. As a guitar player, I've found that the EV1 'brass' settings work a lot better for me than the standard sax or factory fingerings. I'm VERY happy with this purchase. Keep up the good work at Patchman Music, and I'll be recommending your site to anybody I'll come across who's interested in a synth woodwind MIDI instrument!"

"Matt: The EWI is utterly phenomenal. Your program patches are truly remarkable and a definite must! I cannot understand how such a product (this also applies to the VL70-m) can go to market without this kind of programming in the first place. THANKS!!! This is in the process of transforming my musical horizons. To master the instrument I am working out on some Bach partitas ­ straight and with a jazz accent. I can hardly believe my ears. The expressive potential is astounding. I shall be coming back to you soon for the looper. And thank you once again. Why doesn't everyone have a EWI?"

"Unbelievable... I'm hooked. I will most certainly be contacting you with my tax refund in hand to buy the VL70-m with your chip and any other recommendations. I pulled it out of the box slapped the batteries in with a set of headphones and man I was off to the races. After about 2 hours I had to set it down to read the manual to change the sounds... You certainly pointed me in the right direction. Like I said I haven't touched a sax in about 15 years and my xapoon is what I played up till now. I am blown away. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain things to a analog guy in a digital world so to speak. Thanks for everything oh and btw it arrived real quick LOL! Take care."

"Received it Tuesday!! Thank you!! Pretty wild instrument. Love it so far. Being a sax player, this opens up a whole new world for me. So far so good. Not really a tough adjustment to learn. Just wanted to thank you for setting it up with the new patches and the settings to get my feet wet right out of the box,....very cool!! Many Thanks."

"Hello Matt, I received the AKAI EWI4000s I ordered from you. My my my, very well done I must say. I am on my third set of batteries so I went out tonight and got two sets of rechargeables and a charger so I don't get stuck without. The power to the house has gone out twice in the last month and it is amazing how calming being able to sit down and play through the head phones is, making the waiting through otherwise exasperating situations almost pleasant. LOL Okay!!! I love it and I can't stop playing!!! I have taken to playing a lullaby before bed. My wife (so far) is amused."

"Matt, I've been a geographic bachelor with two kids since receiving my EWI, so sorry for the delay in letting you know I got my EWI. First of all thanks for the extra quick shipping. I actually got it before the weekend which was a really nice treat. I'm glad that I bought the patches and had you set up the EWI for me. The patches that you've made are definitely a nice addition over the stock sounds. I'll most likely want to go with the VL70-m that you've hot-rodded. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I'm very, very happy. Best of luck!"

"Matt, Got the AKAI EWI4000s from Patchman on Friday, and I have already gone through 2 sets of batteries! I absolutely love it! I am a school teacher, and my students think it's the coolest thing! I love playing it, and my wife appreciates that I can play it with headphones. And, your custom patches are awesome!!!"

"Hi Matt- Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the EWI4000s I recently purchased from you. The tones are really nice, I am having an absolute blast playing this thing. Thank you very much, I will definitely recommend you to anyone interested in buying an EWI!"

"Hey Matt- Received the horn this morning and been blowing it all day. It amazes me that you managed to set this thing up so close to my specs and GREAT SOUNDS man!"

"Matt, Thanks for the quick reply. I am very satisfied with everything that I bought from you. Can't wait to hook up the VL70 and try those patches. With the great service that you have given, anything I need for my EWI instrument(s future) WILL be bought at Patchman Music. Thanks again."

"Matt, Received my EWI today, and I'm totally blown away. I improved by a factor of 10 when I set it to use SAX mode fingering (thanks for the included addendum!) ;-} It amazes me how expressive the sounds are, and how sensitive the controller is to the least nuance of breath control. By the way, the cello is awesome - and so are the clarinets [in your upgraded Volume 1 soundbank]! The latter was my first instrument, but I haven't had one in years and have really been missing it. I guess I'll have to re-think that smear in 'Rhapsody in Blue' as well - I'm playing with the slide/glide bar..."

"Thanks Matt! I'm really excited.. I'm in the process of recording an album and I can't wait to enter more deeply into the windsynth world. I'm glad you guys exist and make it so easy to start out on the right foot. I really appreciate the hard work you have put into providing more sounds on the Yamaha module and the Akai 4000s and look forward to taking full advantage of the added flexibility using them live and in the studio. Thanks for being such a great resource!"

"Thanks for all the great work you do for the wind controller community. I just brought my 4000s to a rehearsal for the 1st time with your patches and the whole band loved it. They told me to start playing the EWI more. It added so much more to the sound of the group. Thanks again."

"Matt, Thanks!!! I have had my EWI for a couple weeks now and I can't stop playing it! I am really having a lot of fun playing it and learning all about it. I also purchased a Boss RC-2 Loop Station and it is really fun to play through that. You can do some great things and have rhythm to play with etc. I am really glad I purchased the instrument, your soundbank and everything. It was quite an investment, but well worth it. Thanks again!"

"Matt, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I love the Akai EWI. I've been experimenting with all of the sounds in different contexts and absolutely love playing it. I received it quickly and it is everything that I hoped. Your website is so informative that anyone who wants a Akai EWI has GOT to go to you. Thanks again."

"Matt, I haven't had time until now to write to you, but I wanted to tell you that I'm crazy about the EWI4000S and the Turbo chip for the VL-70 is great. Excellent sounds and very well arranged in the unit's memory bank. Much easier to find sounds based on your groupings of them... thanks for your hard work. Anyone I know who will benefit from the information will know all about Patchman with a ringing endorsement from me."

"Matt... Received the EWI. It's fantastic! Many thanks!"

"Hey Matt, Just wanted to let you know that I just got my EWI in the mail today. Immediately after getting the package I brought it to my room and started playing it. It feel great and sounds awesome. Thanks a ton for everything."

"This thing is AWESOME! I honestly think it plays better than the old 1000, and doesn't seem to be nearly as sensitive to fingering glitches as the older one. And did I say PHAT?? Holy cow, this thing sounds nice! I'm ecstatic!! Thanks."

"Hi Matt, The EWI arrived yesterday. Thanks for the quick shipment and for adjusting the unit. It worked great right out of the box. I'm finding it very easy to use. Thanks again for the great service!"

"Matt, just a note to let you know I got the EWI4000s last week and everything works great. I'm really glad I went though you and had the machine setup by someone experienced. As a sax player with no previous experience it has been nice spending my time playing the instrument and learning how and what techniques transfer well and which don't instead of trying to set the instrument up."

"Hey Matt- Absolutely loving the 4000s. I am SO happy to be playing music again. And I am very pleased with the versatility that an EWI offers a 'Dad'. Life changes, and sometimes we aren't able to always do what we used to do... But with the onboard sounds, battery power, headphone- I can do this just about anywhere, anytime!"

PATCHMAN MUSIC sound design creations and products can be heard throughout the world on TV and radio, on stage and in studio recordings with the finest talents in the music business including Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, Tom Scott, Bob Mintzer (Yellowjackets), Paul "Wix" Wickens (Paul McCartney's Keyboardist and Music Director), Jeff Kashiwa (The Rippingtons), Nyle Steiner, Mike Phillips (Stevie Wonder), Ricky Martin, Kirk Whalum, Courtney Pine, Bobby Read (Bruce Hornsby), Fred Jackson (American Idol Band), Dave Mathews Band, Dino Soldo (Lionel Richie, Beyonce, Elton John, LeAnn Rimes, Tower of Power, Ray Charles), Edwin McCain, Freddie Ravel (Earth, Wind, & Fire), Andy Hamilton (George Michael, Duran Duran, Paul McCartney, Dexy's Midnight Runners), Michal Urbaniak (Miles Davis), Michael Bolton, Oscar Peterson, Norbert Stachel (Tower of Power), Jon Anderson (Yes), Manheim Steamroller, Jaared (Peter White), Ed Calle (Arturo Sandoval), Tim Cappello (Ringo Starr), Dianna Ross, Scott Kinsey, The Tonight Show Band, Korn, Lenny Price (Earl Klugh), Ron Blake (The Saturday Night Live Band, Christian McBride, Joey DeFrancesco), Simply Red, Hammer, Jeffrey Osborne, Mark Douthit, Rob Mounsey (Grammy nominated producer, arranger, synthesist for Michael Franks, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Donald Fagen), Luis Miguel, Brian Simpson, Frankie Vallie, Randy Crawford, Daryl Dragon (Captain & Tennille), Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra), Richie Havens, James Brandon (Mickey Gilley), Dan Preston (Luis Miguel), Paul Taylor, Jimmy Haag (Frank Sinatra, Buddy Rich, Wayne Newton), Ringling Brothers, The Berklee College of Music, The Eastman School of Music, Stephane Chausse (Michel Legrand), Gil Melle, and numerous other top professionals worldwide!

Akai EWI4000s Press Release

Expressive Performance and Internal Sounds Combine for Ease of Use

Cumberland, RI - September 2005 Akai Professional, the name synonymous with innovation in electronic musical instruments, proudly introduces the new EWI4000S Wind Controller. Recognized worldwide for their expressive performance capabilities, this newest addition to the EWI family incorporates numerous enhancements to its overall design as a wind controller, and adds an integrated analog modeling synthesizer optimized for wind control, dedicated MIDI In and Out ports, an audio output, new performance functions, internal effects processing, and computer software for editing one's sounds-all at an unprecedented price.

With its internal dual voice analog modeling synthesizer, the new EWI4000S is now a self-contained performance instrument. This synthesizer features two voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO)-with an individual volume control- that incorporate sawtooth, triangle, square, and pulse width waveforms. Further, the voltage-controlled filters (VCF) enable changing from 2- to 4-pole filters. With a new noise generator, the EWI's VCF adds greater realism to one's playing by emulating breath noise. This on-board synthesizer also incorporates a new sweep function that is considerably more effective than a conventional envelope generator. As one changes the force of their playing, the sweep parameter alters the shape of the sound.

As a controller, the new EWI4000S excels. This exciting new instrument provides easily accessible controls for breath, vibrato, glide time, and bend width-enabling players to adjust the instrument's settings to their specific playing style. Further, the EWI can transmit multiple MIDI messages via breath control to send expression and aftertouch information to external sound generators. With its new Octave Key, which creates an automatic doubling of notes one octave below the note being played, it's easy to create rich, full musical timbres. And as an industry first, the new EWI4000S features a Hold Mode that sustains a note while enabling one to play around that note-making the EWI4000S the first EWI with sostenuto capability.

No self-contained controller/synthesizer is complete without signal processing, and the EWI4000S does not disappoint. The first EWI to ever offer built-in signal processing, the EWI4000S provides reverb, delay, and chorus effects to sweeten one's sound.

With all its internal capabilities, the new EWI4000S also includes sound editing software to extend the instrument's capabilities even further. Available for both Mac and PC, this software enables players to customize their sounds prior to live performance. All of the edited programs can be stored inside the EWI4000S and settings can be recalled instantly during one's performance.

Akai Professional CEO Jack O'Donnell commented on the new EWI4000S, "The new EWI4000S elevates Akai Professional's EWI Series to its highest level of performance ever. This is an exciting and tremendously expressive instrument that wind players have been eagerly awaiting."

With a suggested retail price of $999, Akai Professional's new EWI4000S Wind Controller further confirms the company's leadership in versatile products for the creative musician.

Since 1984, Akai Professional products have been a staple of modern music both in the studio and on stage. With intuitive design and cutting edge features, Akai Professional is one of the world's most influential manufacturers of musical electronics. For more information, visit www.akaipro.com.

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