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The Kenton MidiStream Wireless MIDI System

KentonMidiStreamPatchman Music is an authorized dealer for the wonderful new Kenton MidiStream Wireless MIDI System. This wireless MIDI system has been tested with various wind controllers, the Zendrum drum controller, and numerous other MIDI controllers. Zendrum players be sure to check out the Battery Box Adaptor by Futureman tech- Chris deHaas!

The engineers at Kenton have done a superb job of creating a reliable wireless MIDI system. You get up to approximately four to five hours of battery time on a single alkaline 9 volt battery. And latency is very low- our lab measured approximately 3 milliseconds- which is the time it takes sound to travel about three feet. And the old problem of dropouts that has plagued previous and more expensive wireless MIDI systems has been addressed with 21st century technology. The Kenton error correction algorithms are very good- even with the immense amounts of MIDI data that a wind controller transmits.

Please note that the MidiStream is currently the ONLY Kenton product that we sell.

OUTSIDE THE USA?: PATCHMAN MUSIC DOES NOT SHIP GEAR OUTSIDE THE USA - NO EXCEPTIONS! If you live outside the USA and wish to order a Kenton product, you will need to contact Kenton UK or a Kenton dealer in your country. There are two models of the Kenton MidiStream Wireless MIDI System, and we sell only the model that is for use within the USA. European and UK folks will need to contact Kenton UK to order the appropriate model for their country. Of course, as always, all Patchman Music soundbanks and software including the TURBO VL chip CAN be shipped overseas.

KentonMidiStreamPatchmanPatchman Music is proud to be an authorized dealer for the new Kenton MidiStream Wireless MIDI system. The MIDI world has waited long enough for an economical, and professional level wireless MIDI system. The Kenton MidiStream is a complete wireless MIDI system including the transmitter pack, the receiver unit, power supply for the receiver, and manual.

Probably the ultimate test for any wireless MIDI system is a MIDI wind controller since these MIDI controllers generate huge amounts of MIDI continuous controller data. We are very happy to report that the MidiStream can easily handle the intense requirements of a MIDI wind controller. Now wind controller players with battery powered controllers such as the WX7/BT7, WX11/BT7, WX5, MIDI EVI, and Casio DH-100 / DH-200 are free to roam the stage! No longer are you tied down by MIDI cables! Strap-on MIDI keyboardists that use a portable remote keyboard such as the Roland AX-1, AX-7, or Yamaha KX5 can now be free of tangles and constricting MIDI cables. Electronic drum players using the Zendrum and MIDI accordionists are now free to roam out into the crowd. Imagine the feeling of freedom that you can have being wireless. Another great application for the MidiStream is to link a front-of-house (FOH) MIDI sound or lighting desk to on-stage equipment.

The Kenton MidiStream has been designed specifically to address the problems unique to MIDI data transfer. It combines a high data rate with extremely low latency and low dropout rate. Should dropouts occur due to going out of range or interference from other sources, MidiStream is designed to handle these events without leaving notes stuck on.

The transmitter is a cigarette packet-sized unit, with a small antenna, an on-off switch, a MIDI IN jack and is powered from a single 9 volt alkaline (or rechargeable) battery. You get about 4 to 5 hours of battery time on a single alkaline 9 volt battery. Other types of batteries will give different results. The MidiStream even warns you of a low battery in the transmitter by blinking an LED on both the transmitter and the receiver.

The receiver is a free standing diversity unit (two antennas to maximize reception) and is powered by a small standard AC power supply. It has 4 status LEDs, an on-off switch and a MIDI OUT jack. The whole system has an extremely low latency. Our lab tests measured real world latency at about 3ms (the time it takes sound to travel about 3 feet!!). The range of the MidiStream in ideal conditions is about 260 feet outdoors and approximately 97 feet indoors. In less than ideal conditions range will be less.

Operation could not be simpler. Just turn everything on, plug your portable MIDI instrument into the MIDI IN of the transmitter, and the MIDI data appears at the MIDI OUT jack of the receiver ready to connect to your sound modules, laptop, synth rack, etc. MidiStream handles all MIDI data including clock, sysex, etc. So whatever MIDI data you put into the MIDI IN of the transmitter, it appears at the MIDI OUT of the receiver.

An optional Rack Mount Adaptor is available at additional cost. See below for details.

The US version MidiStream works at 914.5MHz, which is a different frequency from the UK/EU versions. There is no fundamental difference in the models except for the frequency of operation. MidiStream systems available from Patchman Music are suitable for use ONLY in the USA. (UK and EU versions are available direct from Kenton UK.)

  • Click here to download a PDF file of a review from the February 2004 issue of Music Tech magazine.
  • Click here to read what MidiStream customers have to say.
  • Click here to download the MidiStream User Manual.
  • See Onyx Ashanti using MidiStream with his WX5 wind controller at the UK Sounds Expo show in Wembley - Video clip from (Onyx Ashanti Wigs out with the MidiStream)
  • See Jeff Abbott using MidiStream with his Keytar - if you look closely you can just see the MidiStream hanging from his belt. Video clip of Jeff Abbott playing his Keytar through MidiStream (.wmv format).
  • Click here to download a zipped folder containing 3 Standard MidiFiles to set up your MidiStream Transmitter to enter Power Save Mode after 2 seconds, 10 seconds, or 50 seconds, while ignoring Active Sensing MIDI messages. This is useful for WX5 users since the WX5 sends active sensing which previously did not allow the MidiStream transmitter to enter Power Save Mode. IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to use these files you must have firmware version "1130" or higher. MidiStream units shipped in 2005 or later probably have this firmware already installed. Please contact Kenton directly if you need to upgrade your MidiStream transmitter.

Available via Special Order. Call To Order.

Your Price Call for Price

Rackmount Adaptor for the Kenton MidiStream

MidiStreamRackAdaptorPatchmanThere is a rackmount adaptor unit for the Kenton MidiStream receiver (shown above).

This Kenton designed adaptor takes up a standard 1U rack space and brings the antennas around to the front of the unit for satisfactory operation in a rack situation. The complete receiver is screwed into the rackmount adaptor, the LEDs are visible through holes in the rack panel and tails from the front mounted BNC sockets are connected to the existing BNC sockets on the rear of the MidiStream receiver.

This adaptor will neatly organizes you rack system making set-up and tear-down a breeze.

(Kenton MidiStream receiver and transmitter not included)

Available via Special Order. Call To Order.

Your Price Call for Price

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Kenton MidiStream Customer Comments

"Do it! I have used the Kenton consistently for the last six months and now consider it part of my basic set up. It is now an inconvenience to play my instrument tethered to my rig."

"I wouldn't leave home without it. Mine has worked flawlessly. I also use high capacity batteries (250mah) for worry free operation."

"Works great and wind controller tested. If in the US, consider buying from Patchman."

Kenton gear and all other hardware is shipped only within the USA- NO EXCEPTIONS
(Patchman Music software products CAN be shipped worldwide)
Shipping fees are higher for Alaska and Hawaii.
All items listed on this page are NEW
All items on this page (except accessories & replacement parts) include FULL FACTORY WARRANTY
(except for Ohio destinations)
Prices are subject to change


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