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The Steiner MIDI EWI

PatchmanSteinerEWI4000sSteiner MIDI EWI at Patchman MusicNyle Steiner has developed a new, custom made, woodwind-style MIDI wind controller called the MIDI EWI

Nyle Steiner has designed a new woodwind/sax-style MIDI wind controller called the MIDI EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument). Unlike previous EWIs that required a proprietary module to convert the CV signals into MIDI, the MIDI EWI is a self-contained MIDI controller so it can be used with any MIDI synths, samplers, and softsynths.

The MIDI EWI is handmade by the great wind controller innovator Nyle Steiner. The MIDI EWI is powered by a single 9 volt battery or it can be powered externally by an AC adaptor or remotely powered via an unused pin in the MIDI cable.

If you are interested in obtaining a MIDI EWI you will need to contact Nyle Steiner directly to make arrangements. Please do NOT contact Patchman Music for further details- we do not sell these instruments. All purchasing arrangements, inquiries, and customer support questions should be directed to Nyle Steiner via email. Nyle can be contacted at:

Be sure to check out the July 2004 issue of Keyboard Magazine. Mark Vail's "Vintage Gear" column on page 100 is all about Nyle Steiner's other instrument- the brass-style EVI!

If you have an EVI or Steiner synth you would like to sell or have repaired contact Matt at Patchman Music.

7/6/2007  Be sure to visit this link to Nyle Steiner's new Side-by-Side "RAD" MIDI EWI!!!

Be sure to visit THE NYLE STEINER MIDI EVI Website


PDF .PDF Prospective owners of the MIDI EWI may find this REVISED MIDI EVI User Manual interesting

Preliminary Details

MIDI EWI Top SmallNyle Steiner RAD EWI MIDI EWI Michael BreckerThe MIDI EWI is a totally self-contained, woodwind/sax-style MIDI wind controller which outputs MIDI directly from the controller thus eliminating the need for an additional interface box and also opening up the option of going wireless! The MIDI EWI has a MIDI OUT jack right on the body of the instrument so it connects directly to a MIDI synthesizer or sampler directly. You no longer have to lug around an Akai EWI sound module such as the Akai EWI3020m or EWI3030m for CV to MIDI conversion. Just connect the MIDI EWI to a synth such as the Yamaha VL70-m, VL1-m, Roland XV-5050, etc... and you're set. You will need to be sure that your synth is programmed to respond to the MIDI EWI. Click here for a list of professional wind controller soundbanks that work great with the MIDI EWI.

The body of the MIDI EWI is made of ABS plastic and is very lightweight. The concave shape at the end allows for comfortably holding the instrument on your knee while sitting.

The MIDI EWI can be powered by an internal 9 volt battery, an external "wall wart" AC adaptor, or remotely through an unused pin in the MIDI cable.

The operating system can be updated by simply swapping a ROM chip.

In response to your breath, the MIDI EWI can transmit any combination of the following MIDI controllers; Breath Control (controller #2), MIDI Volume (controller #7), MIDI Expression (controller #11), and Aftertouch. You can send any combination of these controllers or even all four simultaneously if you wish!

Velocity can be set to transmit a fixed value, a defined fixed value, or it can be variable in response to tonguing. Velocity response and breath response is superb as would be expected since Nyle makes each breath sensor by hand. He also hand calibrates each instrument for optimum performance.

In addition to the breath sensor, the mouthpiece also contains a BITE sensor for vibrato as implemented on earlier EWIs.

Also the MIDI EWI has been pre-wired to send a THIRD continuous controller- though Nyle hasn't fully implemented it yet. This touch sensor is wired to the mouthpiece bracket and can send Mod Wheel (MIDI Controller #1) or velocity. Matt Traum at Patchman Music has developed a way to utilize this sensor as an EMBOUCHURE SENSOR! Click here for instructions on how to add an EMBOUCHURE SENSOR to the MIDI EWI!

Under the right hand thumb, there is a pressure sensor that can send variable Portamento Time (MIDI controller #5) data.

Program Changes can be sent directly from the MIDI EWI by the use of special fingering and sensors. You can either increment or decrement through patches or you can directly send any patch number.


The MIDI EWI features a powerful Slur Sustain Mode which allows polyphonic playing. Slur Sustain Mode allows you to build on-the-fly chords just like a pianist. There are also various parallel interval modes available whereby parallel intervals and octaves can be played easily. It is also possible to play huge parallel chords.

Transposition, MIDI transmit channel selection, and overall MIDI Volume are available as well. These are all programmable in realtime on the MIDI EWI via special fingerings.

Additionally there is an All Notes Off feature plus a special MIDI diagnostic mode that aids in setting up the MIDI EWI.

EVI players may find it interesting that the MIDI EWI can be switched to "EVI Mode" and thus played like an EVI!

MIDI EVI Embouchure Sensor

Check out the new Embouchure Sensor modification developed for the MIDI EVI by EVI player Matt Traum of Patchman Music. This sensor should work equally well with the MIDI EWI.

Click here for details

Wireless MIDI EWI

MidiJet Pro Patchman WIRELESS MIDI IS NOW A REALITY! The MIDI OUT connector on the MIDI EWI's body means it is now possible to enjoy the wonderful world of wireless MIDI! Since the MIDI EWI features a MIDI OUT right on the instrument body and can be powered by a battery, wireless playing is now possible! The Midi Jet Pro USB is a wireless MIDI system that has been fully tested with the MIDI EVI. We are happy to report that it works GREAT! So great, in fact, that Patchman Music has decided to become a user and the North American dealer for the MidiJet Pro USB Wireless MIDI system.

Matt Traum at Patchman Music has installed the wireless Midi Jet Pro transmitter INSIDE the body of his MIDI EVI making it the world's first truly self-contained wireless MIDI wind controller. One single 9 volt battery powers both the MIDI EVI and the wireless MIDI transmitter- all controlled from a single power switch. The MIDI connection is elegantly made INSIDE the body of the EVI so there are no signs of the modification from the outside. Interested? It may be possible to modify the MIDI EWI as well. Click here for details.

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