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Akai EWI4000s / EWI4000SW Soundbanks

Online MP3 Demo Available! (See Below)

Akai EWI EWI4000s Patchman Music

Buy your EWI4000s from Patchman Music and receive an incredible DISCOUNT on this amazing new EWI4000s soundbank!

Click here to order your EWI4000s Pro Pack from Patchman Music

TURBOCHARGE your Akai EWI4000s/EWI4000sw! Replace the dull and lifeless Akai EWI 4000s presets with professional quality wind controller sounds from PATCHMAN MUSIC- the leading authority in breath controlled sound design. You will be amazed at the difference in dynamic range and playability with these sounds. The EWI4000 will feel like a whole new instrument and will simply be MORE FUN to play! Sorry, this soundbank is NOT compatible with the EWI5000.

EWI4000s Volume 1 contains 100 all-new Pro Patches programmed by wind controller expert Matt Traum- an experienced wind synthesist and sound designer. EWI4000s Volume 1 contains tons of incredibly expressive solo sounds. We have included a lot of superb synthetic sounds that take the EWI4000s to a new level. These sounds are noticably more responsive and "punchy" than the factory presets. All your favorite synth sounds are here in highly expressive form including the most popular classic synth leads, highly exotic breathy leads that defy categorization, synth strings and brasses, and super punchy synth basses.Akai EWI EWI4000s USB Dealer Sales Repairs Patchman

These sounds also make better use of the EWI4000s built-in effects. For example in patch #40 "*Looper", a long delay was used to create a type of feedback loop that allows you to overdub your playing. It is the clever things like this that always make our soundbanks stand out.

Along with a wide variety of highly expressive synthetic timbres, we have also included a few emulative sounds such as clarinet, recorder, harmonica, violin, flugelhorn, etc. Though the internal synth in the EWI4000s was not designed for emulations per se- Matt was able to squeeze out the very best from the EWI4000s and generate some useful emulations. These emulative type sounds will allow you to use the EWI4000s in situations you might not otherwise be able to.

All in all, you won't believe the difference in dynamic range and playability with these sounds. The EWI4000 will feel like a whole new instrument. PATCHMAN MUSIC EWI4000s / EWI4000-sw Volume 1 makes your EWI4000s more fun and satisifying to play.

Sorry, this soundbank is NOT compatible with the EWI5000.


Akai EWI EWI4000s sounds programs soundbanks at Patchman Music EWI4000s Volume 1 for the Akai EWI4000s and EWI4000 sw contains 100 all-new, super expressive, super-dynamic, breath controlled patches designed especially for the new Akai EWI4000s wind controller. EWI4000s Volume 1 includes TONS of highly expressive synth leads, synth basses, exotic timbres, and emulations. We've also included some super punchy, MiniMoog-style synth bass patches that will scare the truss rod off your bass player. Because of the EWI4000s's great low end, you will find that many of the other sounds in this soundbank make great basses as well. Don't miss out on the potential of your EWI. If you have an Akai EWI4000s, you definitely owe it to yourself to get these sounds! Listen to the amazing mp3 audio demo below.

Sorry, this soundbank is NOT compatible with the EWI5000.


Akai EWI4000s sounds programs soundbanks at Patchman Music $90 (USD) Email delivery only.

SAVE!! Buy your EWI4000s from PATCHMAN MUSIC and save! All customers that buy their EWI4000s from PATCHMAN MUSIC get a generous discount on this soundbank. Simply tell us when ordering. This bank can be pre-loaded into the EWI4000s if you would like.

Need to buy an EWI4000s too? Click here for our great PACKAGE DEALS!

EWI4000s Volume 1 Patches

01 *Matt EVI4000s      26 *Squares           51 *Herbie!            76 *Take The Fifth!
02 *Flugelhorn         27 *Brassynol         52 *Arpy               77 *Viper
03 *Trumpet            28 *Hammer Lead       53 *Bootsy Lead        78 *Mintzer Lead
04 *Trumpets           29 *Zawinul           54 *Funky Lead         79 *Zazzle
05 *Fuzz Horns         30 *Zawi Lead         55 *MegaLyle           80 *EWI4000s
06 *Flute              31 *Fusion            56 *Michael Lead       81 *Mean
07 *Oboe               32 *Fippletronic      57 *AfriLead           82 *Timbuktu
08 *Recorder           33 *Blow It Out       58 *Phazar             83 *Fagen Lead
09 *Ambient Recorder   34 *Octaver           59 *Frazzler           84 *Eastern
10 *Clarinet           35 *Frapple           60 *Fuzzy Reso Pluck   85 *Skipper
11 *Classical Clarinet 36 *EWV2000           61 *Pulse Lead         86 *Tigress
12 *Bass Clarinet      37 *Pluckish          62 *Vocalis            87 *Jan Lead 5th
13 *Soprano Saxish     38 *Patchman          63 *Dream -4th         88 *Metheny
14 *Overblown          39 *Quasar            64 *Chariot            89 *Pillow Talk
15 *Fuzzcorder         40 *Looper            65 *Nyle               90 *Brecker -6th
16 *EWI Flutish        41 *Big Bottom        66 *Square Lead        91 *Electro
17 *Harmonica          42 *China Lead -4th   67 *EWI Lead           92 *Harsh
18 *Violin             43 *D-50 Lead         68 *Juddly             93 *Zappy
19 *Cello              44 *Electrolosys      69 *Resonant Lead      94 *Phillaphill
20 *Breath String      45 *5th Flute         70 *Funky Octaves      95 *Reso Bass
21 *String Lead        46 *Guitarrish        71 *Lyle               96 *Clavi Bass
22 *String Machine     47 *Funkitron         72 *Arpy Lead          97 *Pulse Bass
23 *Juno Brass         48 *Funky Balls       73 *Brash Brass        98 *EWI Bass!
24 *Brash Brass        49 *Funk Lead         74 *80s Brass          99 *Ow Bass
25 *Phat Brass         50 *Funky Pluck       75 *One Oscillator!    100*Moog Bass 1001

EWI4000s Volume 1 Audio Demo (3.8 megs) Click on the speaker to download a 4 minute MP3 audio demo of this soundbank. This demo contains over 35 sounds recorded DIRECT from the EWI4000s audio out. No overdubs, eq, or effects were added. What you hear is exactly what this soundbank will sound like for you! Audio Demo Help


Available Formats: This soundbank is available emailed in Standard MIDIfile (.MID), Sysex (.SYX), and the EWI4000s Editor (.BNK and .SQS) formats. All 4 formats will be included with your order as well as a .TXT help file. This soundbank is sold only as an email delivery. Yes, we can email this soundbank to customers anywhere in the world! Click here for a general explanation of the various formats. Sorry, this soundbank is NOT compatible with the EWI5000.

Bob Mintzer EWI Patchman Music

Yellowjackets EWI Virtuoso Bob Mintzer comments on this soundbank...

"Matt's programming of the new EWI4000s is right up there with his other programs for previous EWI's. The [EWI4000s] factory sounds are not very good. I use Patchman Music's sounds. They are far better than the factory sounds. Makes all the difference in the world. The patches are fat and expressive. I'm using several of them now. Matt Traum is the cat when it comes to EWIs and EVIs. He has a vast knowledge of the instruments, and most importantly, knows how to program patches that respond well and sound great. He's bailed me out more than once, and I've enjoyed using his sounds for a while now."

Bob Mintzer - World reknown recording artist, sax and EWI virtuoso, arranger, with the Yellowjackets

Legendary EWI / Saxman Michael Brecker comments on this new Patchman Music EWI4000s soundbank...

"Hi Matt, the EWI4000s sounds are excellent and a great addition to the EWI libraries!! These will certainly come in handy. Thanks."

Michael Brecker - World reknown recording artist, saxophonist, and EWI virtuoso

Michael Brecker EWI Akai EWI4000s Patchman Music

Jeff Kashiwa EWI EWI4000s Patches Patchman Music

EWI Virtuoso Jeff Kashiwa of The Rippingtons comments...

"Hey Matt, I loaded your patches via sysex and they sound great! I love the 'Mega Lyle' and 'Patchman' patches. Very fat, expressive and organic! I recommend visiting for the best EWI sounds. Thanks Matt!"

Jeff Kashiwa - Sax and EWI virtuoso with The Rippingtons and solo recording artist

Top Call EWI / Saxman Dino Soldo comments...

"Matt, I just wanted to tell you how much gratitude I have for your programming talent. I am currently on the road and my custom patches were getting somewhat stale after listening to them night after night. I have little time and less energy to devote to another intense week of programming. Then I heard your sounds. The convenience of getting them sent to me online was a big bonus. In a matter of minutes, I had downloaded them to all 3 EWIs and had a few sounds mapped out for the night's performance. I was blown away on how expressive these sounds are. All of the sounds had a right balance on a centered breath and morphed smoothly at extremes of playing. From download to performance for 15,000 people without a hitch. Thanks Matt. Gratefully, Dino"

Dino Soldo - Sax and EWI with Lionel Richie, Beyonce, Elton John, Leonard Cohen, LeAnn Rimes, Tower of Power, Ray Charles, Cyndi Lauper

Dino Soldo Lionel Richie EWI Patchman Music
Dino Soldo on tour with Lionel Richie
Playing EWI4000s and Patchman Music Sounds
Manchester, England 2007

Doug Norwine Akai EWI Patchman Music

EWI Pioneer Doug Norwine comments...

"Matt, The EWI4000s sounds are fabulous and after one night with it, I have to say it is very close to the 'Nyle Steiner expressiveness' he built into his prototypes. Great, great, great sounds! Thanks. My Best, Doug."

Doug Norwine - Pioneering EWI player, studio sax and EWI wizard (The "Real" Lisa Simpson Sax player), awarded 12 Gold and Platinum records

EWI / Saxman for SNL Ron Blake comments...

"Matt- Just a quick note of thanks. This is the BEST investment I've made in a long time. Continued success and I'll be sure to send students and colleagues to you."

Ron Blake - Sax / EWI player for The Saturday Night Live Band, Roy Hargrove, Art Farmer, Christian McBride

Ron Blake Akai EWI Patchman Music

Peter White Saxman & EWI-ist Jaared comments...

"Hi Matt. I've had a few days to go over all of the sounds in your 'Patchman Turbo VL Upgrade Chip for my Yamaha VL70-m'. All I can say is... WOW!!! I never knew how much fun it could be to play the wind synth again until now! Every single sound file is perfectly playable and I haven't had to 'tweek' ANY of them! Also, the MidiJet Pro Wireless Midi System you sold me is the BEST EVER!!! Without a doubt, your expertise on Wind Synths, EWIs, EVIs, and soundbank configurations is the best in the world. Every time I've had a question regarding my old WX11/WT11 and my new WX5 and VL70-m Turbo, you've always been there and been helpful and courteous the entire time. You are without a doubt the Wind Synth and EWI Guru! I'll recomend you and ALL of your products to EVERY Wind Synth and EWI performer out there! Thanks again Matt!... you're the BEST!"

Jaared - Saxophonist / Wind Synthesist for Peter White

Jaared Peter White EWI Sax player Patchman Music

Akai EWI EWI4000s sounds programs soundbanks at Patchman MusicCustomer Comments...

"Matt's programming of the new EWI4000s is right up there with his other programs for previous EWI's. The [EWI4000s] factory sounds are not very good. I use Patchman Music's sounds. They are far better than the factory sounds. Makes all the difference in the world. The patches are fat and expressive. I'm using several of them now. Matt Traum is the cat when it comes to EWIs and EVIs. He has a vast knowledge of the instruments, and most importantly, knows how to program patches that respond well and sound great. He's bailed me out more than once, and I've enjoyed using his sounds for a while now." - Bob Mintzer, world reknown recording artist, Sax and EWI virtuoso, arranger, with the Yellowjackets

"Hi Matt, the EWI4000s sounds are excellent and a great addition to the EWI libraries!! These will certainly come in handy. Thanks." - Michael Brecker, world renown Saxophonist and EWI virtuoso

"Hey Matt, I loaded your patches via sysex and they sound great! I love the 'Mega Lyle' and 'Patchman' patches. Very fat, expressive and organic! I recommend visiting for the best EWI sounds."- Jeff Kashiwa, Sax and EWI virtuoso with The Rippingtons and solo recording artist

"Matt at Patchman music has done it again! Being a Yamaha WX7 player for many years since the instrument came out I always shied away from taking on the learning curve of the EWI. However, after hearing Matt's incredible sound bank for the new EWI4000 and realising I could play it all without carrying a tone genertor straight from the instrument I called and purchased one. I have never been happier and continue to enjoy Matt's wonderful service expertise and suppport! Thanks again Matt!" - Mike Parlett - Sax/EWI/WX w/George Duke, Peabo Bryson, Jeffrey Osborne, Randy Crawford.

"Hi Matt. I put data into one of my EWI4000s and yes I am absolutely amazed ( you knew I would be, right?! ) I hope you're well. Courtney!" - Courtney Pine

Patchman Music EWI4000s Volume 1
Reviewed in Electronic Musician Magazine


Patchman Music ( specializes in creating synth programs for wind controllers, so it's no wonder the company offers a bank of sounds for the Akai EWI4000s. After some initial problems loading these sounds into the EWI, I finally got the sounds installed and started playing.

What a revelation - each and every sound is beautiful and very responsive. Some are acoustic-instrument simulations, such as Flute, Oboe, and Clarinet, that are more believable than their factory counterparts. (The brass instruments are less realistic than the woodwinds, but brasses are particularly difficult to synthesize.) Of course, they won't fool anyone into thinking they're the real thing, but they are wonderful sounds in their own right.

Then there are the purely synth sounds, such as Blow It Out, D-50 Lead, and Funkatron, which sing their electronic song with exquisite response to breath control. Also included are several excellent synth-bass sounds. Many of the Patchman sounds use the synth's crossfade and breath-activated oscillator-onset functions to vary the sound in a completely natural and - dare I say it? - organic way.

According to Patchman Music founder Matt Traum, the UniQuest editor's slow response to mouse manipulation made it difficult to tweak the sounds to his satisfaction, requiring more time and patience than usual. But it was well worth the effort. If you have an EWI4000s, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of these sounds. For $90, you won't be sorry.

- By Scott Wilkinson

Electronic Musician Magazine - June 2007 Issue Click here for the complete Akai EWI4000s review
©2007 Penton Media, Inc.

Akai EWI EWI4000s sounds programs soundbanks at Patchman Music"Hi, Matt. I just wanted to thank you for the great sounds you've been providing me over the years, starting with the soundbank for the good old WT11 back in 1991 or so, up to the present. But I have to say regarding the EWI4000s- that this time you've really outdone yourself! I like the instrument a lot even though I'm still more used to the feel of my trusty WX7. And although I was happy to have an axe that could travel with its own sounds, most of those were pretty dull and lifeless. I figured I'd just have to live with that for now, but I should have known better. Once I dragged that Midifile into my DP software and loaded it into the 4000S, it was like the skies opened up. Suddenly, it became a serious synth axe that could hold its own. I can't wait to start combining patches with the VL70-m! Once again, hats off to you for serving us wind-synthers over the years. Best." - Premik Tubbs, saxist & flutist for Santana, Whitney Houston, John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock, Lonnie Liston-Smith, & others

"Thanks Matt!!!! Check out myspace page when you get a chance. There is a link to some videos with me playing some of your patches. Great job on the EWI4000s patches!!! Philly is gonna funk out now!!! Thanks again." - Anibal Rojas,

"Dear Matt, My name is Itai Weissman and I'm an EWI player living in the Netherlands. For the last couple of years I've been focusing my work on the EWI and I came out with several different albums with my own projects. The reason why I write to you is to share with you my new project, an EWI trio band that will release its first EP coming november. I've always been a Patchman fan and bank user and on this recording I'm using the EWI4000s Vol. 1 together with the ES2 WindPlug banks. I would like to dedicate this work to you and your guys at Patchman music for the wonderful work you are doing. Best." - Itai Weissman

"Matt, Wanted to thank you for the work you put into making the new EWI 4000s an even more enjoyable instrument to play. Your sounds are awesome and lend themselves to playing the EWI more expressively than the stock sounds. You've done wonders to help the rest of us make our ideas come to life. Thanks!" - John Savage, Musician/Composer/Educator

"Matt, I am so happy with the EWI4000s custom voices you've designed. They sound fantastic and very professional. I perform live with my EWI six nights a week and the factory soundbank only had about 8 sounds I could use. Many of the voices sounded very similar. With your new soundbank I have a hard time deciding which patch I want to use because they all sound great. Your sounds are awesome in live performance situations because they sound so fat and blend so well with other instruments. Fellow musicians and audiences alike just love the sounds that come from your patches. I feel like your soundbank has quadrupled the value of my EWI. Anybody with an EWI4000s should have your custom soundbank on board. Thank you very much for your genius sound design and hard work."

"I just bought Matt's Volume 1 patch set for the EWI4000s and finally had time to load it yesterday. Matt's done a great job again, and the 4000s is like a new instrument all over again, like when I loaded 2.0. It even seems like the response curve is much better, more like the response curve on the old EWI1000/2000 that was totally analog. Also the newer patches are hotter with regard to the audio level than the factory set. So now I can actually practice with nothing but my Shure E2's and really hear it well. I'm thrilled with it and am really planning to use it quite a bit with nothing but a wireless audio connection now and foregoing hauling my entire rack to the gig. Well, maybe I'll take the XV-2020 along too (also with Matt's patches). Anyone interested in some great sounds for the EWI4000s should DEFINITELY spend the money to purchase Matt's bank. It's well worth the money."

"Hi Matt, thank you very much for your mail. (That was quick!!!) I had my EWI for about four years, and never was satisfied with the sound: Your bank took me only 10 minutes to install and the sounds are: PHENOMENAL!! For me it's the start of a EWI renaissance. Thank you very much."

"Hi Matt, Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. The soundbank for the EWI4000s is simply beyond words. I'm still learning about EWI, how to play it, what the enormous possibilities are...and your soundbank has accelerated my music to light speed! It has taken me a while to figure out a lot of the technical side of the projects I'm working on, but just now, I realized that your soundbank will be a *key* component to my future work, and I wanted to send my thanks. Best regards."

"Hi Matt, I had my EWI4000s for about one month and I was already about to put it up for sale as I was not happy with the sounds. Last night after loading your soundbank I could not believe that it was the same instrument. I now definitely enjoy my EWI4000s and will take it to the stage. Thank you very much for your great job. It was worth every cent. Regards."

"Thanks Matt. I'm really liking this axe! Most of my 'woodshedding' is done on your #08 Recorder sound, which I think sounds very real."

"Hello Matt, Just installed your great sounding Volume 1 soundbank into my EWI4000s and it sounds great. Waaaaaaay better than those factory sound presets. Many thanks from one satified customer. Best regards."

"Hi Matt, I've got the soundbank loaded now- thanks for the clear instructions, which made it very simple. The sounds are really very inspiring, the response feels fantastic and there is a variety that the presets did not even hint at. Thank you again!"

"Matt, I'm delighted with your sound bank. Not only are the sounds a vast improvement on the AKAI set, but the whole instrument sounds brighter - as if its innards have been cleaned and polished! I love it! Thanks again, and best wishes."

"Matt, You kick butt! It is a fantastic feeling to sound like my idols like Tom Scott and Mike Brecker! You made it possible and a big thank you for it. Best regards from Sweden."

"Hey Matt, Just wanted to let you know I love these patches!! They bring a whole new dimension to the ax. Thank you for such great work."

"As a newcomer to the Akai4000s, I have just purchased Matt's soundbank for the Akai... BLOODY AMAZING!! SO, SO much better than the 'factory; settings!! I could VERY easily use ALL of Matt's voices live!! As an 'Irish' band member where 'reasonable' instrument emulation is quite desirable, EVERY sound on Matt's soundbank is usable (I DO use the 'spacey' sounds on ballads). Thanks Matt :-)"

"Matt, Thanks very much for the new EWI Patrches. They are excellent and so playable. Many of them give so much help to the player to make music because they are musical and responsive, and invite the player to invent with them. Once again- thanks for a great collection."

"Dear Matt: After some weeks trying your soundbank for EWI 4000s I  only can send you my warmest congratulations. Yours sounds are fantastic and a lot of them are very useful for my music. The instrument sounds very rich and (is it possible?) more easily. I'm very very satisfied with your work. Thank you for the pleasure. Best regards."

"Matt: The EWI is utterly phenomenal. Your program patches are truly remarkable and a definite must! I cannot understand how such a product (this also applies to the VL70-m) can go to market without this kind of programming in the first place. THANKS!!! This is in the process of transforming my musical horizons. To master the instrument I am working out on some Bach partitas ­ straight and with a jazz accent. I can hardly believe my ears. The expressive potential is astounding. I shall be coming back to you soon for the looper. And thank you once again. Why doesn't everyone have a EWI?"

"Thanks Matt! I just installed the soundbank and did a quick play through and they sound great! As for the EWI4000s, I really must say; what a difference!! So much more responsive, playable, inspiring and great sounding than the default soundbank. Well done! Best Regards"

"Hi Matt, Thank you very much for the delivery! As with the Turbo VL chip the EWI4000s patches are wonderful. The patches are not 100% better than the originals. They are 2000% better. I really wonder why Akai & Yamaha don't pay you a large amount of money to make sure they have really good patches from the start in their products. I think they would sell a lot more and more people would understand the potential of wind synthesis."

"Matt, I just received the EWI patches Vol 1. They load easily into the EWI via Sysex Librarian. The result is 'breath' taking... The EWI 4000 is a 100% different instrument now. Spectacular patches (programmed with great taste) that respond so nicely to 'breath-control'. Thank you! (thankful customer from Switzerland)"

"Matt, I'm sitting in my living room trying the EWI for the first time. I am LOVING IT!. Wow -- the sounds are amazing. The bass clarinet -- woo hoo you nailed that one. The Clavi Bass -- VERY nice. And the various brass instruments (trumpets, flugelhorn, etc) -- gorgeous. OK, I can tell already I am going to love this device. And I don't have a single question! Anyway really I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying it and especially the sounds you made. Nice work! Thanks."

"Bought them on Thursday. The Looper patch (#40) is a ton of fun. A+."

"Dear Matt, Thanks so much for the fantastic ewi 4000s sound bank! I'm a semipro sax player from Switzerland and I enjoy every minute I play. The difference in color, power and expression in comparison to the factory sound bank is just amazing. Finally I feel like playing a real instrument. Really great stuff! I play in a band where we cover some yellowjackets tunes. Finally I sound like Bob Mintzer on the EWI. Although, his chops didn't come with the sound bank! ;-) Well, I know where I have to work on now! Greets and all the best!"

"Hey Matt, Thank you so much for the amazing patches! My EWI has never sounded so good. It was a piece of cake to dump them onto the EWI. Thanks again Matt."

"I've had the Patchman sounds for the EWI 4000s since they came out and they are great. I was very disappointed in the factory sounds. Matt's sound are fatter and more expressive. I've used them on a few gigs and have had very positive response from band mates and audience. They are mostly analog synth type sounds and I've found them useful in both jazz and rock settings."

"Hi Matt. Thanks a lot, I did load the file into my new EWI4000S and (as it was with the Oberheim Matrix-6R I purchased earlier from you) it turns my EWI into a killer controller synth. Thanks for your work... when do you plan to make Vol 2 :-) Best regards."

"I thought I'd write to thank you. After a few changes to the EWI4000s sensitivity controls to deal with the much greater dynamic range of your programs, it's become a much more impressive instrument."

"Hi Matt. Thanks for the patches for the EWI4000 I got last week from you. They work really good--so expressive!!!! Like day & night compared to the factory Akai ones--keep up the good work..."

"Thanks for all the great work you do for the wind controller community. I just brought my 4000s to a rehearsal for the 1st time with your patches and the whole band loved it. They told me to start playing the EWI more. It added so much more to the sound of the group. Thanks again."

"Hi Matt, Just got done going through all the patches and I had to write to you. What an incredible difference!! I had no idea it could do that. I've held off on buying your bank for months telling myself that I could surely coax the best sounds out with the help of the editor and time, but I'd recently gotten a bit frustrated, and decided grudgingly to part with $. I have to tell you, if I had known then what I know now I would have dropped that money a LOT faster. The demo is great, but it doesn't do justice to the response you get from the breath sensor. I will recommend your patches to anyone that asks me. Absolutely amazing. Worth every penny. I will have to come back to you for the Yamaha module and your chip upgrade. Thanks so much. I feel like I have a new instrument."

"Hi Matt, I got the email with attachment, downloaded the sysex library, and loaded the files into my EWI without any problems at all. The sounds are a huge improvement! I can imagine how good the VL70 must sound. Thanks for the prompt service."

"Hello Matt. Just thought I would take a moment to thank you for the smooth transaction in purchasing this sound set. I am absolutely blown away by how rich the sounds are compared to the pre-sets the EWI came with. I can't wait for Volume 2. Thanks again!"

"Matt, the new Volume 1 EWI4000s soundbank is fantastic! The sounds are so much more expressive than the factory presets, easier to play, and just plain sound great. The factory presets largely all sounded the same thin very percussive trumpet sounds with way too much attack and little breath control. In contrast, your sounds are thick and rich with a lot of variety between the sounds and thoughtful use of the effects. Just to see if they would notice, I did not tell the guys in my band that I got the new sounds. They commented right away that it sounded great and asked me what I did. Thanks." - Brad Suppanz, Sax / EWI, Summit 2V1 Jazz Band

"Hi Matt. I have installed the EWI4000s Volume 1 patches and they sound just great. I notice that after installing the EWI seems lots more playable, it's a completely new instrument. Many thanks."

"Hi Matt- Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the EWI4000s I recently purchased from you. The tones are really nice, I am having an absolute blast playing this thing. Thank you very much, I will definitely recommend you to anyone interested in buying an EWI!"

"I've just recently bought the Akai EWI4000s sound soundbank vol. 1 and I love it! Really made the EWI4000s much more expressive and enjoyable to play even for a newbie like me!"

"Thanks Matt for the new sounds. They're great!!"

"Yeah!!! Thank you. The ads where right. I thought the EWI was a fantastic instrument before but this really was more than I expected. What a breathy quality many of them had. They really sound like I'm playing a wind instrument. With the Vizex Editor the loading of them went smooth and quick. All my best from a happy EWI-player in Sweden"

"Matt, as soon as I got out of the office I uploaded that soundbank for the Akai4000s and got blown away by the huge difference between your soundbank and the original soundbank. Thanks so much for developing such an amazing soundbank. There's a sax festival here in Guayaquil - Ecuador in a couple of weeks and I will be presenting a new song using my EWI with your soundbank. I'm sure everyone will be surprised by the versatility and expression of every sound. Thanks once again for such an incredible work!" - Juan Pablo Andrade, Sax player (Balboa and "Somos los que estamos")

"Hi Matt, Thanks for your new soundbank. I immediately received positive feedback from my bandmates and the audience. Take care."

"Hi Matt, the sounds are very cool and so responsive. Thanks, again."

"Hi Matt- Yesterday you emailed the Volume 1 soundbank for the EWI4000s. It arrived almost instantly. This morning, after my practice time on my soprano sax, it was time to give it a try. Everything went quickly and smoothly the first time. I'm delighted with the new sounds, they're beyond my expectations. It will take me some time to determine which ones to use for which song, but it will be worth it. Thank you."

PATCHMAN MUSIC sound design creations and products can be heard throughout the world on TV and radio, on stage and in studio recordings with the finest talents in the music business including Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, Tom Scott, Bob Mintzer (Yellowjackets), Paul "Wix" Wickens (Paul McCartney's Keyboardist and Music Director), Jeff Kashiwa (The Rippingtons), Nyle Steiner, Mike Phillips (Stevie Wonder), Ricky Martin, Kirk Whalum, Courtney Pine, Everette Harp, Bobby Read (Bruce Hornsby), Fred Jackson (American Idol Band), Dave Mathews Band, Dino Soldo (Lionel Richie, Beyonce, Elton John, LeAnn Rimes, Tower of Power, Ray Charles), Edwin McCain, Freddie Ravel (Earth, Wind, & Fire), Andy Hamilton (George Michael, Duran Duran, Paul McCartney, Dexy's Midnight Runners), Michal Urbaniak (Miles Davis), Michael Bolton, Oscar Peterson, Norbert Stachel (Tower of Power), Jon Anderson (Yes), Manheim Steamroller, Jaared (Peter White), Ed Calle (Arturo Sandoval), Tim Cappello (Ringo Starr), Dianna Ross, Scott Kinsey, The Tonight Show Band, Korn, Lenny Price (Earl Klugh), Ron Blake (The Saturday Night Live Band, Christian McBride, Joey DeFrancesco), Simply Red, Hammer, Jeffrey Osborne, Mark Douthit, Rob Mounsey (Grammy nominated producer, arranger, synthesist for Michael Franks, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Donald Fagen), Luis Miguel, Brian Simpson, Frankie Vallie, Randy Crawford, Daryl Dragon (Captain & Tennille), Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra), Richie Havens, James Brandon (Mickey Gilley), Dan Preston (Luis Miguel), Paul Taylor, Jimmy Haag (Frank Sinatra, Buddy Rich, Wayne Newton), Ringling Brothers, The Berklee College of Music, The Eastman School of Music, Stephane Chausse (Michel Legrand), Gil Melle, and numerous other top professionals worldwide!

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TURBO VL Chip Akai EWI Yamaha VL WX AEMAkai EWI Yamaha VL WX AEMAkai EWI Yamaha VL WX AEM
Check out the INCREDIBLE PATCHMAN TURBO VL Upgrade Chip for the Yamaha VL70-m
Akai EWI Yamaha VL WX AEMAkai EWI Yamaha VL WX AEMAkai EWI Yamaha VL WX AEM

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